Spanking V & VI

I’m not sure if I mentioned this or not, but my husband just recently got a new job and he has been extremely busy. He was working about 48 hours a week at night, now he is working about 60-70 hours, 6 days a week, and he is now working days. I think I am actually having a harder time adjusting to this than he is. I pretty much only see him at bedtime and on Sundays. I miss him terribly 😦

Needless to say, he hasn’t had a lot of time to spank me lately, not that I have deserved it either O;). The last couple of days my husband has had off because the man that has been training him took a few days for vacation.

Since he had some time off, my husband decided I was well overdue for a spanking and so far this weekend he has spanked me not once, but twice.

The first time, he ordered me upstairs into our bedroom while he grabbed my hairbrush. I tried talking my way out of it, but it wasn’t happening. He had me get on all fours on our bed and he pulled down my shorts and panties. He gave me a warm up with his hand, which wasn’t much of a warm up because he doesn’t know his own strength. Once my bottom was nice and warm he switched to the hairbrush and went to town. He had to pin me down on the bed to get me to stop squirming, I just can’t sit still while my bottom is being spanked.  He usually alternates back and forth between sides, but every now and then he will hit the same spot two or three times in rapid succession and that really gets me squirming and whining.

He switched back and forth between his hand and the hairbrush a few times and then he was finally finished. . .well, for that day anyway.  It’s not too often that I get spanked severely two days in a row because I am usually well behaved for at least a couple days after I am punished. This was one of those occasions where I got spanked in two consecutive days. The second time always hurts so much more and my husband even made a comment that my bottom was still red from the first spanking.

The second spanking was quite a bit worse than the first and it wasn’t because I had just been spanked the day before. Once again he started with his hand and then the hairbrush. He spanked me quite hard with both and alternated a couple times until my bottom was glowing red and was hot to the touch. Then he had me stand in the corner so I figured he was finished, but he wasn’t. He had me get back on the bed on all fours and spanked me a bit more with his hand and then he grabbed one of the plastic hangers from my closet. If you have ever been spanked with a plastic hanger you know how much it stings and it left welts all over my bottom. Once he thought I had had enough of the hanger, he had one more surprise for me. He decided it was time I had a suppository for punishment. We had talked about it many times before, but have not yet tried it. He knows how nervous and embarrassed it makes me feel just from the suggestion of a suppository so I was already blushing and uncomfortable.

He had me lay face down on the bed while he got the suppository and lube. I turned my head to look back at him and with a smirk he asked if I was ready. All I could do was bury my face in a pillow and try to hide my embarrassment. He had me reach behind and spread my bottom open so he had access. He first applied lube to make it easier for him to push his finger inside. He used the warming sensation lube so it felt. . .funny. Then he slowly inserted the suppository. I think he wanted me to feel it going all the way in. Then my punishment was finally over.

My husband laid beside me and asked if I thought that would help me to remember to behave. I nodded and blushed. Then my husband held me tight and told me he loves me.

Dominant vs. Domineering

I love this post! I find it to be very accurate in articulating the difference between someone who is dominant and someone who simply needs to be in control. It goes along with some of the things I said in my post “What is Domestic Discipline?”


Like most everything else in life, the basis for a good D/s-M relationship is a solid foundation.  If the foundation is inadequate the structure will eventually crumble.

The confident Dominant will be the pillar of strength in the D/s relationship.  A domineering man may be putting you at risk, both emotionally and physically.  The very nature of a D/s relationship enables domineering people to masquerade as Dominants.  Eventually their submissive will realize that they are not being fed by this person and will want out of the relationship all together.

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  John Dalberg-Acton  1887image

Due to the severe consequences of the misuse of power, both Dominants and submissives should yield caution to this topic.  A Dominant is empowered by his submissive.  This power that he reins can be like a drug to a domineering person and all the while, a great feeling…

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Summery of a Spanking ;)

I think about it all the time.
When will it happen?
How will it happen?
And why?
The thought excites me.
I want it, I need it!
But I am left to wait and think.

Then he says it.
“I think you need a spanking.”
How quickly things change.
I’m nervous.
What will he use?
How badly will it hurt?
Will I cry this time?

I lower my pants and he bends me over his lap.
The swats begin.
It hurts!
It burns!
I’m so embarrassed!
I’m so ashamed!
Make it stop!
I’m sorry!
I’ll behave!
I promise!

Then he stops.
I sigh with relief.
He holds me in his arms.
“I love you,” he says.
I go to the mirror and inspect the damage.

I smile.
I can’t wait for the next one. . .

Spanking Story – Anonymous

This story was sent to me by someone else and they requested that I post it on my blog anonymously. I was told that it was a true story, so here it is:

I was a physical trainer at a local gym. I’m 22 years old, 5′ 11″, and in great shape (less than 2% body fat). I met him because I was assigned to him as his trainer. Mike was am EMT and in great shape himself. After about three months of being his trainer we started dating. He was such a gentleman to me, he even respected the fact that I was saving myself for marriage and he never pressured me about sex. He always kept his promises which was what I always respected about him. We had been dating about six months when he had to go out of town for about week and needed a house sitter. He has a custom car he’s been customizing for the past few years and told me before he left that if I touch his car he would blister my butt until I couldn’t sit for a week. I responded that I totally understood and if I planned on doing anything I would take my car. While he was out of town, I found his keys and took his car for a ride with my girlfriends. Sure enough while it was parked in the parking lot it was hit by someone else. Insurance took care of it but I tried to lie to him over the phone about it. I felt so bad about it, I agreed to take the punishment whoopin from him to clear the air and make things right between us, he was so upset it took him about a week to calm down enough for us to talk about it, about a week after that I went over his place and I decided to accept what was coming or so I thought.

He asked me to lower my britches. “Ok, let’s get your britches down!”
“Mike I’m not taking off my cloths for this, I’m not going to be naked for this!”
“First, I’m not telling you that you have to be naked. I’m not telling you to take off your cloths, I’m only telling you to take a few of them down. I’m not paddling your pants, I’m paddling you. You thought you were too big for your britches. Joy ride in my custom car and then try to lie about it? I had you house sit for me while I was out of town and I told you that if you touch my car that I’d bust your butt. Now hand me the paddle and lower them.”
I let out a big sigh of protest, I felt so bad that I let him down and I knew that I broke our trust, but since I was going to accept this I was going to try to prove to him I could take it. “Fine, but you’re not going to make me cry!” I handed him the paddle.
Than he told me, “We’ll see about that, now let’s get to the bare issues here. You busted my car now I’m going to bust your butt. I’m going to keep my promise, I’m sorry honey.”
I am wearing jeans and my cowboy boots. I slowly undo my belt buckle as I try to talk him out of paddling me. Got the flap of my belt out from the front loop of my jeans and started to pull to unhook it loose. “Do I really have too take’m down, I mean. . .?”
He interrupted me, “Honey your jeans didn’t do anything, I’m paddling your butt not your jeans. I’m sorry honey, but it has to be this way.”
I swallowed hard, “ohhhh” Letting out a whimper as I pulled a little and got my belt unhooked, pulled it out of his buckle and was about to start with the button of my jeans. “But Mike, I really don’t think. . .”
He interrupted me again, he got u,p stepped forward reaching out and placing his hand my hands looking me straight in the eyes, “honey, it is going to going to be ok, I promise you that I will not take advantaged you, I gave you a promise and I mean to keep it. This isn’t about sex, it’s about respect. I have always kept my promise and you know this, I will take care of you afterwards, that’s what the lotion on the table is for, I love you and I just want what’s best for you and us. “
This was the first time he said he loved me, my lips started to stammer. My heart melted, I threw my arms around him almost started to cry right then and there telling him I was so sorry about what I did.
Holding me tightly he said, “I know honey, I know, but unfortunately I still have to keep another promise, you know me I always keep my word, so please no more arguments about this, ah?”
Looked directly at him and nodded. I stepped backed and asked him if I can have a pillow to hang on too with my hands. He went to his bedroom and returned with two pillows. He sat back down on the chair. With deep sigh, another whimper and lips stammering I slowly unsnapped the bottom of my jeans. Stopped for second.
Looking into his eyes, I started to slowly unzip my zipper, put my thumbs on the inside of my jeans and hesitated again.
In a very calm voice he said, “it’ll be alright, I have sisters and you don’t have anything that I haven’t already seen.”
I slowly lowered just the back part of my jeans just below my butt cheeks and hesitated again look at him hopefully it would be far enough.
“All the way down, honey, all the way down! I’m sorry but it has to be all the way.”
Whimpering again, I slightly bent over pushing my jeans down to my where they bunched up at my knees. Stood up wearing only my superman panties and look directly into his eyes. “Mike can we just. . . .” as I tried to protest again.
He said, “you are going to bear through this situation and in this sense I mean bare, now cute as your superman panties are, you’re are going to have to get them down too, now come on, I understand that you are embarrassed but that’s the whole point.”
“Oh man this is going to hurt!” I slowly moved my thumbs into the waist band of my panties and again slowly started to pushed just the back part of them down too. Looked at him and he raised his eye brow.
“Well, it’s a whoopin it supposed to hurt honey, you’re my super girl and I very proud of you for accepting it. They come down all the way too.”
Lips stammering, I involuntarily tighten my butt a few times as I slowly pushed them down past my thighs to my knees and stood up covering myself, I was so embarrassed, jeans and panties to my knees standing there in front of the man whom I love, ready to take the whoopin of my life. I had been tanning and when my panties were down you can clearly see the tan lines. I was as white as could be where I had my swim suit bottoms on. I was scared and yet I also felt a sense of trust towards Mike, a bond that was there that I couldn’t explain. I hobbled forward to his side, lips still stammering asking him to just change his mind.
“Please do everything you can to keep your arms and hands around the pillow” he said handing me a pillow, “so I don’t want to hit them accidentally.
“I will, I’m really sorry about what I did and. . . “
He motioned with his hand and calmly interrupted “I know honey, now, no sense putting it off more than we already have. Alright, let’s get to the bottom of things and move on, ok?”.
I sighs, nodded and took the pillow and turned over his knee. I took a pillow and started to hug it as he adjusted me. He rested the wooden paddle on my backside and ask me the final question.
“First I have to tell you that you have very nice looking bottom, I didn’t realize how light you were because of your tan. But unfortunately, I’m going to have to tan your backside now too. Now, do you believe that if I paddle blisters into your backside that you won’t take my car or lie to me again?”
I wait for at least half a minute trying to stall to see if there was any way he might change his mind and just admire me instead.
“Kim, I’m waiting?”
“ok, ok,hmmmm how many swats am I going to get,” I asked still trying to stall.
“As many as it takes, how did I say I was going to paddle you for lying and taking my car without permission?
I hesitated again, “Kim, you need to answer me!”
I swallowed hard again, “you said you’d paddle blisters into my butt until I can’t sit for a week.”
“Ok, then how many are you going to get than, Kim?”
“oooooooo, I don’t know?”
“That’s right, now I’m going to ask you again, do you believe that if I give you a good licking that you’ll learn your lessen?”
Feeling the flatness of the wood paddle resting on my butt, I swallowed, I said, “Ok, ok, but please don’t spank that hard, I’m really sorry!”
“So is that a yes?”
Waited for few seconds more, just trying to stall. I was so embarrass and felt so vulnerable being over his knee like this, having my pants down like this and having this conversation.
He taped my butt with the paddle lightly, “Kim?”
“ooooo!” I Figured that I might as well get it over with, “ok, yes, yes, I won’t lie or take your car ever again, I’m really sorry Mike, I don’t have to count them do I?” With that, he raised the paddle. I squeezed my eyes and waited.

“I sorry I have to do this Kim, and no you don’t have to count, I doubt you will be able to count that fast!” “Count that fast, what you mean? How fast are yo. .. “

There were absolutely no warm up, no pause between swats. From start to finish he was literally swatting as hard and fast as he possibly could. I wanted to think that it would end quickly too but it didn’t. He made sure he got every inch of my backside, from the top to the bottom to and even underneath to my thighs. Ensuring that he give my bottom no rest. At first I was so determined not to cry or yell and I even tried to count. After the 30th to 40 swat or so I couldn’t take anymore and I couldn’t count.

My mind went into panic mode. “oochie oochie oochie!” I straightened up my entire body as stiff as a board, curled my toes and crossed my feet, squirmed, clenched and unclenched involuntarily.
“ok, ok ok, I can’t, I can’t I can’t!” squeezing my pillow tighter and tighter as I and then started bucking and kicking like crazy.
Whack after whack, fast and hard and there was no signs of him letting up. I had no time recover between swats and it went on and on.
“ouchi, ouchi, ouchi, ouheeeeeeee!” I lost all ability to make actual words. I bit into the pillow and I just seem to loss all sense of thinking. I just remember how bad it was stinging and how painfully that damn paddle was burning my backside. The paddle was just long enough to hit both cheeks at once and just hard enough not to break. It hit one spot over and over then he would move to a different area. After a while all I could do at this point was just scream at the top of my lungs. Load long and ruthenic bursts of screeching. “ahhhhhhhh!” pause, “ahhhhhhhhh!” pause, pause, “ahhhhhhhhhh!” pause, “ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” pause, “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” At one point I tried to get off his lap and involuntarily put my hand back, I just couldn’t take it anymore. He stopped for second, lifted my body and put me over one knee placing his leg and scissor locked min. He caught my hand and held it to my back, I was trapped and he was not done. I remember him stating clearly, “Nope, we aren’t done yet!” As he continued with the flurry of swats. The smacks of the paddle when on for what seems liked forever. The swats were coming so hard and fast I could barely breathe. I was crying and screaming now in searing pain as the paddle smack my backside and upper thighs. I let go of the pillow and started scratching the floor trying to pull myself forward, but to no avail. He kept his pace up still whacking as hard and as fast as he could. He was spanking the living daylights out of me. I than started hammering my fist to the floor, thrashing my head about and screaming, crying profusely and out of control. He was not letting up. When he finally stopped and it over I was bawling, hiccuping, and crying out of control. He let me up and I stood straight up doing what he called the spanking hop. Jumping up and down holding and rubbing my backside while crying in my cowboy boots. After a while I calmed down enough to stand in on place, he stood up set the paddle down and out stretched his arms for me to come to him. I must have been quite a site, my hair was a mess, my entire backside blistered, snot running out of my nose, pants down to my boots, panties still to my knees, trying to get my breathing under control. I hobbled over to him and started crying all over again in his arms as I was trying to rub the sting away. True to his word, he blistered my butt and upper thighs, literally my boyfriend paddled me good and hard. I never felt so vulnerable and secure at the same time as I did just then. I just stood in his arms for what seem like forever until I could breathe normally.
My butt really stung and was sensitive to touch.

“I love you Kim and I don’t want to have to do that again.” He said, “would you like me to put some lotion on you before you get your pants back up?”
This time I threw my arms around him again, nodded and started crying again. “I’m so sorry I took your car and tried to lie about it. I won’t ever do that again Mike.” This was the first time my boyfriend paddled me, first time he ever saw be bare and I never touched his car without permission or lied to him again.

What is Domestic Discipline?

I see a lot of comments on forums saying that domestic discipline is abuse, or an excuse to abuse your spouse. This is so far from the truth. There is definitely a fine line between discipline/punishment and abuse, but my husband does not abuse me. My husband and I spent many months discussing what we wanted out of this relationship and lifestyle prior to really indulging in it. Not to mention, I was the one that suggested it. My husband punishes me because there are behaviors that he and I would both like for me to change. He does it out of love, not out of anger or hate. My husband loves me very much and was reluctant to spank me because he didn’t want to hurt me. He does it now because he sees how it relieves stress of both of us, he can see the difference it makes, and it has only brought us closer together. He is not hitting me anywhere other than my bottom and thighs, he will leave marks, but he has never made me bleed. That isn’t his intent. After each spanking, he holds me close and tells me how much he loves me and reminds me that he spanks me out of love. Does that sound like abuse?

Yes, he does spank me. Yes, that can be considered “hitting.” Yes, it does hurt and sometimes there are bruises. BUT, I feel that I need it and we love it. I trust my husband to know when he has spanked me enough and not to take it too far, and he never has. We talk about why I am being spanked and make up goals and rules together. Domestic Discipline has done nothing but bring us closer. We trust each other so much more, and communicate much better now. Not to mention, sexually it’s a huge turn on for him to dominate and spank me.

I have also read that women involved in these types of relationships “must have a low self-esteem.” This is not the case either. I have a high enough self esteem to want to better myself. I love the person that I am, but I know that no one is perfect and everyone can do better. My husband is just helping me to do that. I want to be the best person I can be not only for my husband, but for myself as well. I don’t feel that I need to be hit because I am not good enough or because I am a woman, I feel that every once in a while I need a spanking because I want it, it relieves stress, and it helps to keep me on track of my own goals!

I believe there is a lot of “grey area” in domestic discipline. I have read other definitions of domestic discipline that say that the only form of punishment involved in domestic discipline is spanking and it should only be done with the HoH’s hand. . .that shoe doesn’t fit for us. As far as punishments and rewards go I think it is whatever works for the couple. My husband and I like corner time, anal punishments, light humiliation, etc. We also don’t usually have sex after a punishment. There are times when we just can’t help ourselves (we’re young and in love, what do you want?), but for the most part we try to keep punishment and sex separate. We also use several different implements. My husband’s hand is very big and he is very strong so as you can imagine a hand spanking from him is quite the spanking, but I have a high pain tolerance and we like to mix it up a bit. When my husband uses a hairbrush or a paddle, not only does it hurt more than his hand, but it doesn’t hurt him as much either so he is able to go for longer.

I’m not saying that domestic discipline is right for everyone. Just like not every type of punishment is right for everyone. It works for us, and we’re happy. I just wish people would be a bit more open minded or tolerant of other people’s decisions and lifestyles.

I am not religious, but I do believe that a wife should submit to her husband. I don’t feel that I am equal to a man, nor do I want to be. That doesn’t mean I deserve to be treated like dirt or that I am less of a person than a man, I am just different. I am a woman. I am strong in places that my husband is weak and I am weak where he is strong. We compliment each other. We’re not supposed to be the same. I find that life flows a lot smoother when my husband and I work together as man and woman, with different jobs and roles than if we were constantly competing for control and power. My husband is in charge, but I have a big say in every decision and my thoughts, opinions, and feelings are very important to our family. My husband goes to work, I stay home with the baby. When I knowingly don’t do what I am supposed to do, I get punished. He doesn’t spank me because I have a different opinion or something silly like that, he spanks me when I disobey a rule that we have both agreed on. It’s pretty simple and we’re very happy.

So, now that you know that domestic discipline isn’t abuse, a cry for help, or my low self esteem, what is it? It’s love. It’s trust. It’s communication. It’s a release. It’s discipline. My husband loves me enough to take the time to make rules that we live by, and punish me when I break them. He knows that I want to behave and he helps me to do so. I love my husband enough to want to be the best wife and mother possible. We trust each other to make the best decisions for ourselves and each other. I trust him to not punish me beyond what I can tolerate and he trusts me to tell him when I misbehave and how I am feeling about things. We communicate everything to each other. From discussing rules and goals to punishments. This wouldn’t work if we couldn’t communicate what we wanted and expected out of each other and this lifestyle. It’s a huge stress reliever to be punished. I’m not sure I can articulate why, but it is such a release of stress, guilt, and anxiety. I always feel so much better after being punished. There are always consequences for your actions, so why not in the home as well? If I get in a bad mood and decide to take it out on my husband, why shouldn’t he take me over his knee and remind me that is disrespectful and unnecessary? I’m not saying that hitting is the answer to everything, because it’s not. We choose to do it as punishment in our marriage and it works because we have definite limitations and guidelines that we have discussed and agreed upon.

As I said, I’m not trying to sell domestic discipline. It’s not for everyone, but it is for us. I just want people to understand what it really is instead of jumping to conclusions like abuse. This is how domestic discipline works for us, I think it’s different for every couple and we’re still learning and changing. I’m not going to come up with a definition for domestic discipline because there is so much gray area that it would be a paragraph instead of a sentence. In short, it is what you make it! Feedback is always appreciated.

Happy Father’s Day

With Father’s Day fast approaching I would like to wish all of the Daddy’s out there a Happy Father’s Day, especially to the most amazing husband and father in my life. This will be my husband’s first Father’s Day. We found out I was pregnant the day after Father’s Day last year.

My husband is an amazing father and a great man. No matter what he does, my daughter and I always come first. He works hard everyday so that I am able to stay home and take care of her and he can give us everything that we want and need. He is a very kind, gentle, and loving man with a huge heart. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t make me smile and laugh.

He takes lots of time with his daughter, you can see in his eyes how much he loves her. When she was born he hovered over her every second. He never left our side. From day one, he has been the best Daddy I could ever wish to have for my little girl. He took care of me while I was pregnant, always making sure I was happy and comfortable. While I was in the hospital he did everything he could to make me feel better and make sure I had the best experience possible. He always put my wants and needs before his own. Then, on that amazing day she was born, both of our lives changed for the better.

I watched my husband transition from a young man to a father, and it was a beautiful thing to witness. The first time he held her, he cried. I’ve never seen such wonder and amazement on his face. He changed nearly every diaper while we were in the hospital and barely let me hold her because he was so attached.

Everyday he goes to work so that we can give our daughter the best life possible. When he comes home, he helps me with the baby and spends time with us. He even takes the time to make sure I am well behaved and reaching my goals and takes care of it when I’m not. It takes a very strong man to punish a grown woman without taking it too far. He punishes me because he loves me and knows I need it, not because he enjoys hurting me.

My daughter and I are extremely fortunate to have such a strong, loving, and attentive man in our lives. We got him some very nice gifts for Father’s day and we are going to make sure to spoil him rotten. He may not have been a Daddy for very long, but he is the best Daddy there is. ❤

Spanking IV

I get spanked nearly everyday, though most days aren’t so bad. It’s usually a quick couple of smacks for doing something wrong. It’s not too often that I get severely punished, probably about twice a month. Well the other day I was due for one of these spankings.

My husband told me to go upstairs and wait for him while he collected his implements. After a few minutes, he met me in the bedroom with the paddle and hairbrush in hand. Have I mentioned that I HATE the paddle? He commanded me to drop my shorts and get on the bed on all fours. He pulled down my panties and then waited a good 30 seconds before spanking me with his hand. The suspense of that first smack was awful.

He gave me a good warm up with his hand, probably 20-30 smacks. Then he rubbed my bottom for a moment and grabbed the paddle. I can’t even begin to estimate how many smacks he gave me with the paddle. It felt like a million. He used the paddle for a good 10 minutes until my bottom was no longer stinging, it was more numb than anything. Again, he massaged my bottom and picked up the hairbrush. The hairbrush was the same as the paddle, he spanked me very hard and for a good 10 minutes or so. By the time he was done with the hairbrush my bottom was hot, numb, and throbbing. I figured I was done and I began to get up, but I was wrong.

He laid the hairbrush down on the bed and again picked up the paddle. I shuttered when I looked behind me and saw him raise it and then it came down hard on my bottom. After another 10 minutes or so with the paddle, I was spanked again with the hairbrush. I am really surprised I didn’t start crying. This was one of the worst spanking he had ever given me.

He set down the hairbrush and gave me probably 20 more smacks with his hand. They were very hard and hurt very much. My bottom was beet red by the end of it. My husband had me lay on the bed while he admired his work and massaged my bottom. I thought for sure my bottom would be purple for a week, but surprisingly there was no bruising. It was definitely hard to sit for a good 24 hours. My husband knows how to keep me in line and make sure I am well behaved. I am a lucky woman ❤

Bend Over

“Bend Over”

What is it about those two words
that makes me hold my breath,
and makes my pulse quicken?

Those two words
that fill me with exhileration
and fear at the same time.

Said with a stern, even tone.
My heart races.
My mind can’t focus.
My body tingles.
And butterflies, oh the butterflies.

What is it about those two simple words
that push me over the edge.
And for a moment,
time stops.

“Bend Over,” he says.
I obey.
Then the awaited connection
between the implement and my bottom.

The moment is over,
the spanking has begun.

I Got Out of It. . .

It is not often that I get out of a spanking, nor do I usually try to. This time however, if I hadn’t gotten out of it I was going to be one hurting little girl.

My husband very recently got his CDL. He has always worked around trucks, but he was never able to drive them until now. So congratulations to my husband for graduating truck driving school ❤ Anyways, once he graduated he immediately wanted to start looking for a new job. So we took a few copies of his resume and went riding around to a few well-known trucking jobs. He was putting the baby in the car so I had his resumes and once we got in the car I placed them in the middle. Once we got up the road a ways he realized where they were and yelled at me for "wrinkling them."

Normally I am pretty submissive and obedient, but every now and again I get competitive. Sometimes I just need to have the last word and WIN! I'm not sure why I get like this, and I should really know better because it never ends well for me, but this was one of those times. The resumes were not wrinkled, they really weren't, and his yelling about it pissed me off. I was going to even the score. I had a bad attitude from that moment on and I was looking for any reason to start a fight. I continued to ask him to bring me home because I didn't want to ride around with him while he was going to be an "ass hole." There I go with the name calling again.

Well I kept it up for a good 20 minutes and my husband was furious. He yelled at me, really yelled at me, and turned the car around. He told me he was going to bring me home to spank my ass raw and then he was going to continue his job search the next day by himself. I have never been that scared of a spanking. I knew if I let him spank me while he was that mad, he was going to hurt me. So I very quickly apologized and begged him to turn back around. I told him I would behave myself and he didn't have to spank me. After a few minutes of begging, he calmed down and we were able to continue his job search.

We really could have skipped all of that if I had just apologized for "wrinkling" his resumes in the first place, but no. . .I have to open my big mouth and start a fight. I don't know what goes on in my head sometimes. See why I need my husband to take control and punish me? Sometimes I am just a brat.

I am very lucky that I got out of it and I still haven't been spanked since. I don't think my luck will last though. We have been busy so he hasn't really had the time to spank me thoroughly, but we don't have much going on for the remainder of the weekend so I doubt I will get through it without a spanking. Why is it so hard to just behave?