Spanking IV

I get spanked nearly everyday, though most days aren’t so bad. It’s usually a quick couple of smacks for doing something wrong. It’s not too often that I get severely punished, probably about twice a month. Well the other day I was due for one of these spankings.

My husband told me to go upstairs and wait for him while he collected his implements. After a few minutes, he met me in the bedroom with the paddle and hairbrush in hand. Have I mentioned that I HATE the paddle? He commanded me to drop my shorts and get on the bed on all fours. He pulled down my panties and then waited a good 30 seconds before spanking me with his hand. The suspense of that first smack was awful.

He gave me a good warm up with his hand, probably 20-30 smacks. Then he rubbed my bottom for a moment and grabbed the paddle. I can’t even begin to estimate how many smacks he gave me with the paddle. It felt like a million. He used the paddle for a good 10 minutes until my bottom was no longer stinging, it was more numb than anything. Again, he massaged my bottom and picked up the hairbrush. The hairbrush was the same as the paddle, he spanked me very hard and for a good 10 minutes or so. By the time he was done with the hairbrush my bottom was hot, numb, and throbbing. I figured I was done and I began to get up, but I was wrong.

He laid the hairbrush down on the bed and again picked up the paddle. I shuttered when I looked behind me and saw him raise it and then it came down hard on my bottom. After another 10 minutes or so with the paddle, I was spanked again with the hairbrush. I am really surprised I didn’t start crying. This was one of the worst spanking he had ever given me.

He set down the hairbrush and gave me probably 20 more smacks with his hand. They were very hard and hurt very much. My bottom was beet red by the end of it. My husband had me lay on the bed while he admired his work and massaged my bottom. I thought for sure my bottom would be purple for a week, but surprisingly there was no bruising. It was definitely hard to sit for a good 24 hours. My husband knows how to keep me in line and make sure I am well behaved. I am a lucky woman ❤

6 thoughts on “Spanking IV

  1. Sofie Mgee says:

    Hahahaha you people are so into bdsm it isn’t funny. Been reading a lot of 50 shades lately huh

    • xotheladyxo says:

      Call it bdsm, ttwd, or domestic discipline, what difference does it make? If you’re not into that sort of thing don’t read about it. Yes I did read fifty shades, but if you read my early posts I have been doing these things for years not since the book came out. Not to mention my husband and I have never gotten into bondage. If you aren’t interested in my blog and have nothing but negativity to share then please take it elsewhere. Thanks.

      • jc says:

        No offense intended, but is this spanking something you enjoy, or that you have to do? i’m curious about the lifestyle and mean no disrespect.

      • xotheladyxo says:

        Domestic Discipline is something that I wanted to include in my marriage. I don’t always enjoy being spanked, but it does benefit our marriage.

  2. What did you do to deserve such a punishment spanking? I too have been spanked so hard that I start to feel numb. It doesn’t last though… the hurt comes back after a few more swats. Yikes. He has a lot of stamina! And I can’t imagine holding still for all of that on my own. Did he need to help you?

    • xotheladyxo says:

      My attitude and my mouth get me in trouble quite often and he had just gotten fed up with both. I am never still for any spanking, it’s truly impossible. He has to hold me down. If he ever told me that I had to hold still for a spanking or I would get it worse, I would be in trouble 😛 He definitely has stamina, he always says his arm hurts after spanking me, but that doesn’t make him go any easier on me. Thank you for your comment 🙂


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