Spanking Mishaps

Well, today I learned why you never use your hands to cover your butt during a spanking.

My husband and I went swimming at my parents’ house and my husband got out first to get our daughter dried off.  Once he was all dried and changed, I got out.  I started horsing around with him and trying to give him a hug to get him all wet again.  After a few minutes he started to get frustrated and turned me around to spank me.  It was a sort of playful, and sort of a you-better-start-behaving spanking.  Not to mention we were right in front of my mother!  As he was spanking me, I moved my hands over my bottom to try to block the spanks.  I’m not sure how he did it, but he hit my left hand just right so that he jammed my fingers really hard.  It hurt really badly!  I can say I definitely cried from this spanking!  I’m not sure if it is sprained or not, but I can say typing this post is quite difficult so I’m sorry, but it won’t be a very long one.

My husband felt really bad and apologized for hurting me, but he still said that I deserved the spanking.

I’m sorry for such a short post, but it hurts.  More next time.

My First Time: Paddle Spanking From My Husband

So today has not been a very good day for my bottom. I got the spanking my husband has been warning me about, and it was quite the spanking. It seems that whenever my husband warns me that I am going to get “the spanking of my life” he introduces a new implement. . .this time it was the paddle. I have been paddled only once before, and not by my husband. Boy, does that sting! I can’t call this a maintenance spanking because, in my opinion, a maintenance spanking occurs when you have been well behaved and just need a reminder to keep up the good behavior. This was more of a spanking for all of the little things I’ve done lately that haven’t warranted a spanking, but combined warranted a good, long spanking. . .and that’s just what I got!
My husband gathered the paddle and the hairbrush and lead me into the living room. He had me bend over the couch with my knees on the seat and my elbows on the back. Then he pulled down my shorts and panties. There was no warm up or anything, he started right in with the paddle. It was a long and thin wooden paddle that reached across my entire bottom. It stung so badly. Each time I tried to cover my bottom he would hit my hand with the paddle, and that hurt quite badly too! I can’t tell you how many times he spanked me with that implement or how long he spanked me for. All I can say is that it hurt and I was begging him to stop by the time he set it down. Then he picked up the hairbrush. Without a pause he began spanking me with that, alternating cheeks. He covered my bottom with spanks with the hairbrush. I was squirming all over the place and swearing that I would never misbehave again. When he set that down, I thought he was finished and I took a sigh of relief, but boy, was I wrong. Then he began spanking me with his hand. My husband has a very big, heavy hand and he knows how to use it. After a few minutes of that he ordered me into the corner. He sat on the couch admiring my red bottom while I stood there. He told me this was only a break, and that I wasn’t done. He was watching the clock, I think I was in the corner for about 10 minutes, though he didn’t say. This time he had me get over his lap. He held me across the waist with his left hand while he spanked me with his right. He started with the paddle again which stung and made me squeal with each strike. It is almost as bad as the wooden spoon which is my sworn enemy. Then he spanked me again with the hairbrush. The entire ordeal took about a half hour. I was quite the sore, sorry, little girl. He hugged and kissed me after it was all over and I felt better, but I have to say, it hurts to be sitting here writing right now! I can’t say that I didn’t deserve that punishment. I haven’t exactly been the most obedient wife lately, and I have been quite argumentative. I think I will have a sore bottom for a while to remind me to behave.

Sit Down Discussion I

My husband and I finally got the opportunity to sit down and discuss my goals, the rules, and everything related to our domestic discipline lifestyle. Our main focus was to discuss my goals and this is what we decided on:

1. Lose 5 pounds a month (We decided 10 pounds seemed a bit high and hard to obtain. So we agreed that if I gain any weight or don’t lose at least 5 pounds in a month, I will be punished to his liking)
1b. Exercise daily (We have both started doing yoga together and we want to make a point to do at least 15 minutes of it a day. If we miss a day I probably won’t get punished as long as there is a good reason, but if I start really slacking or just get lazy, well. . .you know how it goes)
2. Stop calling my husband names. (I think we both agreed this is a big one I need to work on)
3. Stop swearing. (My husband and I both have this bad habit that we need to break. We agreed to get after each other on this one and he is going to start making notes or a tally chart for how often I swear so he knows when and how to punish me for it)
4. Limit my drinking (My husband has agreed to help me with this one. I have asked him to give me a number of drinks I am allowed each week and if I drink too much it is my responsibility to be honest with him and confess).
5. Be more independent (I was actually surprised that my husband really liked this goal. I thought he was going to tell me that I am independent enough, but he actually agreed that I needed to start doing more things myself and alone. He is going to make a point to push me to do so and I have abstain from arguing with him about it)
6. Start writing again (He is going to see to it that I start making progress on a book otherwise I will be punished. How’s that for incentive?)

We also discussed our rules and plan to sit down again and redo them. We didn’t do so tonight because we were talking outside and we wanted to sit down at my computer to get some ideas and make sure we write them down. The one thing we did discuss was that I need to stop playing certain practical jokes. Sometimes, when I get bored, I like to pour cold water on him while he is in the shower. I personally find it hilarious, but he doesn’t so much. He wanted to make that a rule, but I will save that for another post. Feedback is always appreciated


Well, I got spanked again today.  My husband had asked me a few times to bring our laundry basket upstairs to our bedroom, but I kept forgetting. He finally got fed up and followed me up the stairs carrying the laundry basket.  Once we got into our bedroom, he bent me over the bed, pulled down my jeans and undies, and spanked my bottom with his hand. The spanking wasn’t exceptionally long or hard, just enough to turn my bottom red, make me whine, and get the point across. I always feel so ashamed and like a bad litte girl after he has to spank me. He said I have a “real” spanking coming…the last time he said that I could barely sit for days…

Premier Postpartum Punishment

So last week I finally got the spanking I have been anticipating. I was unloading the dishwasher when he came into the kitchen and told me to bend over. I honestly thought he was kidding and just being flirtatious so I rolled my eyes and told him I was busy (whoops). He then took the bowl I was carrying out of my hand and took me by the wrist. He bent me over the counter and yanked down my jeans. He started spanking me right there in the kitchen. He spanked me very hard and fast with his hand, I was so scared he was going to reach into the gadget drawer that was right next to me and pull out a wooden spoon or some other horrible implement, but I got lucky and he didn’t. He spanked me until I was whining and squirming and then he ordered me upstairs into the bedroom. He was finally able to put me over his lap and he put his right leg over my legs. He continued to spank my bottom with his hand until I was just about crying. All the while he was telling me that he would no longer tolerate my attitude and behavior. He said that I have been quite snippy with him (I’m a new mom, I’m exhausted), and I haven’t been doing what I am told. I made the mistake of trying to defend myself while he was spanking me and I think it only upset him more and made him spank me harder. Eventually I got the idea and told him I was sorry and begged him to stop spanking me. This was the first time he has ever left bruises on my bottom from just a hand spanking. I’m still learning to juggle everyting now that I have a baby to care for as well, but I have been learning a lot faster after that spanking!

First Hairbrush Spanking From My Husband

This is a story I had posted on another site, but it is pretty recent. Only about a month old so I thought I would post it here as well, enjoy 🙂

I am 8 months pregnant so my husband has been taking it easy on me and hasn’t been spanking me as much or as severely. I suppose I had been taking advantage of that lately and have been quite bratty so last night my husband bought a new hairbrush and told me that today I would be getting “the spanking of my life.” He told me he was spanking me for my general bad attitude, talking back, and swearing. We are both trying to work on our swearing because we don’t want that to still be a habit once the baby comes. Well, I can’t say it was the worst spanking I have ever received but it was definitely in the top 3. He can’t put me over his knee right now because I am pregnant so he had me on the bed on my hands and knees. He started by spanking me with his hand, then he gave me a few with his belt, but the grand finale was with the new hairbrush. The hairbrush is huge! Its not wooden, its black and has the soft texture of a smartphone. . .if that makes sense? Well don’t let the texture fool you. . .it wasn’t soft at all and I have the bruises to show for it. After about 10 minutes he could tell I was uncomfortable so he took a break to put my buttplug in my bottom and had me switch positions so that I was bending over the bed. He continued spanking me with the brush for another 5-10 minutes. It hurt!! Then to top it off, once my spanking was complete he had me go to the store with the plug still in my bottom. The spanking always hurts but I always feel so much better after its done. I can’t help but love my husband more each time he does it and it relieves so much stress. 🙂