Summery of a Spanking ;)

I think about it all the time.
When will it happen?
How will it happen?
And why?
The thought excites me.
I want it, I need it!
But I am left to wait and think.

Then he says it.
“I think you need a spanking.”
How quickly things change.
I’m nervous.
What will he use?
How badly will it hurt?
Will I cry this time?

I lower my pants and he bends me over his lap.
The swats begin.
It hurts!
It burns!
I’m so embarrassed!
I’m so ashamed!
Make it stop!
I’m sorry!
I’ll behave!
I promise!

Then he stops.
I sigh with relief.
He holds me in his arms.
“I love you,” he says.
I go to the mirror and inspect the damage.

I smile.
I can’t wait for the next one. . .

Bend Over

“Bend Over”

What is it about those two words
that makes me hold my breath,
and makes my pulse quicken?

Those two words
that fill me with exhileration
and fear at the same time.

Said with a stern, even tone.
My heart races.
My mind can’t focus.
My body tingles.
And butterflies, oh the butterflies.

What is it about those two simple words
that push me over the edge.
And for a moment,
time stops.

“Bend Over,” he says.
I obey.
Then the awaited connection
between the implement and my bottom.

The moment is over,
the spanking has begun.