Anniversary Spanking

Okay, so I lied in the post titled anniversary.  I am updating on Tuesday when I said I would post on Monday.  Apologies, my daughter wasn’t feeling well.

My husband and I had a lovely anniversary weekend and I honestly didn’t give him a reason to spank me though that didn’t stop him.  It wasn’t very severe especially because I was rather intoxicated and didn’t feel much 😉

As I had mentioned in a previous post, I did surprise my husband with a short, lacey, low cut nighty and he loved it.  I went into the bathroom and put it on and came out wearing it.  I loved the surprised look on his face because I have never done that sort of thing before.  He decided to spank me then and there so he grabbed my hairbrush and pulled up my nighty to reveal my already bare bottom. 

He first massaged my bottom for a while and gave me the impression that this would be a short spanking, if you know what I mean 😉  He then held me around the waist and came down hard and fast.  I wiggled, but he held me tight.  He would stop occasionally to rub my red bottom and to let me rest, then he would continue. 
Then he picked up a wire hanger.  I was a little concerned because I had never been spanked with a wire hanger before, only plastic.  He only lightly tapped me with it, but it stung quite a bit.  I squirmed and whined, but he continued to tap the hanger across my bottom. 

The last implement he used was the belt.  He had me laying flat on the bed while he stood over me and folded the belt in half.  He came down hard, each time striking the opposite cheek.  After a few minutes he was finished and we enjoyed the rest of our night together 😉

Our entire weekend went extremely well and we had a very good time.  The only bad thing was we couldn’t find any sex toy shops in the area (damn smartphones).  1 year down, the rest to go!


I can’t believe it, the thought of writing a post about my One Year Wedding Anniversary hadn’t even crossed my mind…until 2 seconds ago when I was so shocked that I hadn’t that I had to write one RIGHT NOW! 

Our One-Year will be on August 25th.  We are planning a little weekend get away and leaving our daughter with my parents.  We are getting up early on Saturday so my husband can get to his drivers’ meeting at 7 AM while I do a little shopping.  (Shhhh don’t tell, I am going to surprise him with lingerie!)  Then, we are going straight to the Racetrack to bet on the horses.  After that, we will go to check into our hotel and find a restaurant/bar where I can have a few shots and prepare for the night ahead.  I know I am in for a spanking that night, he has had so few opportunities to do so lately that I am sure he will come up with a reason to spank me if I don’t give him one O:)

The following day will be spent shopping, playing miniature golf, and probably rushing back to hold my baby.  This will be my first night without her and I am a little apprehensive.  I am not sure how well I am going to sleep knowing she isn’t just a few feet away from me.  Not that I sleep when she is either…That is also where the alcohol comes in :p.

So, hopefully things go as planned and we have a nice weekend.  I definitely need it!  I am also very excited for my year-old-frost-bitten-wedding-cake and champagne! I will be sure to let you know how my anniversary spanking goes on Monday, and maybe pictures to go with it??? We will see.