The Life of a Submissive

The life of a submissive isn’t always an easy one.  It might sound easy to have someone guiding you through life, but it’s not.  It is very difficult trusting your life in some other person’s hands; trusting them to know what is right for you and make decisions in your best interests.  It is difficult to let go of control and give it to someone else and trust them with it.  It takes practice.  It takes conscious decisions.  It takes. . .balls.

To listen and obey.

To trust.

To relinquish.

It’s not easy.  Then to be punished.  That’s a whole different ball game.

To trust someone to punish you for misbehaving and not to take it too far, or push you too far beyond your limits.

To accept that you have done something wrong and know you will be disciplined for it.

Knowing it will hurt.

It takes a strong person to be a submissive.  It takes a lot of love, trust, and the big one. . .communication.

The life of a submissive isn’t an easy one, but I think for most of us we wouldn’t have it any other way.  It is our devotion to our Dom(me)s, Daddys/Mommys, Husbands/Wifes, Masters/Mistresses and HoHs that drive us to want to be better and be the best submissive we can be.   If we didn’t love them unconditionally we wouldn’t be so willing to submit.

The life of a Submissive. . .I can’t even imagine the life of a Dominant.


As I have said before, my husband and I are relatively new to the Domestic Discipline lifestyle. I am always reading blogs and posts online to get more information. I have been reading this blog: recently and I like what he has to say. In a few of his posts he talks about having a weekly sit down discussion about everything domestic discipline. I suggested that to my husband and he agreed that it was a good idea. The blogger also said for the sit down discussion I should have a list of goals that I want to achieve, and my husband should also have a list of things he thinks I should work on. Then we can talk about them and discuss appropriate punishment if I don’t reach my goals or if I start back tracking. Also ideas that we liked. There were somethings in the blog that we didn’t particularly like or think was necessary like starting a calendar because I have this blog where I record everything. But anyway, here is my list of goals:

1. Lose 10 pounds a month until goal weight is reached(Still have 15 pounds of baby weight to go, but I want to lose a bit more than that).
1b. Exercise at least twice a week.
2. Stop calling my husband names (I have the bad habit of saying things like, “stop being such a dick.”)
3. Stop swearing. (This is a rule, but my husband hasn’t really been enforcing it. This will be discussed this week)
4. Limit my drinking (Since I am no longer pregnant I have been drinking a lot more. I don’t get drunk, but I will have a drink probably once a day, and I don’t really want that to be the case. I will let my husband decide how much I am allowed to drink per month)
5. Be more independent (Since we have gotten married and have a baby and I have been very dependent on my husband. To an extent I know my husband likes it, but I feel like a child when I need to be an adult and mother. I don’t leave the house or do much of anything without him.)
6. Start writing again. (I used to write books once upon a time, none that I have ever sought to have published, but I would like to try to write another novel and, hopefully, get published this time)

This is what I have come up with so far. I have not yet mentioned any of them to my husband, but plan to this week when we can sit down and talk. I will write a post about how the discussion goes and his response to my goals. We are also working on a new and improved list of rules. Feedback is always appreciated 🙂