A Spanking Everyday: Part III


Tonight didn’t go as badly as I had expected.   My husband took my bruising and soreness into consideration and took it easy on me.  He did give me a few good smacks and you can see the red, hanger-shaped welt on my left side.  I had tried to roll on my side to keep him from spanking me and that’s what I got. 

I am going to enjoy my last night with my husband for over a week and think about him with love tomorrow when I am sitting on my sore, bruised bottom on my drive to Georgia. 

3 thoughts on “A Spanking Everyday: Part III

  1. William says:

    I love your spanked butt.

  2. Ape says:

    So I have been reading your blogs… I’m new to the DD lifestyle. My fiancé and I haven’t been practicing it for a week now. He says I’m mouthy, which I am. I’m a Cusser, and when we get in fights I step too far out of my place. So about a week ago he and I were arguing in the bedroom and I pushed him, and he immediately bent me over the bed, pulled my pants down and began spanking my bottom. I was so mad, then after he began striking me I began to feel that anger fall away and be replaced with submissiveness … When he stopped I stood up and pulled up my pants and apologized for my awful behavior. That’s when I started looking up what had taken place. I found your blog. Can you post a blog , about the benefits of a dd relationship? How to stay in my line as a woman? You are very inspirational !!

  3. kenzie says:

    Sounds like it’ll be a lovely ride. 😉

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