The Different Types of Spankings

As far as I can tell, every couple that uses domestic discipline in their relationship has different types of spankings with different uses and meanings. My husband and I actually have 4 different types.

1) The Playful Spanking: I think the name is somewhat self explanatory. These spankings are just for fun and usually performed in the bedroom or to get you “in the mood.” They aren’t very painful and my husband only uses his hand.

2) The You’re-Gonna-Get-it-Later Spanking: My husband and I lead busy lives. He works nights and sleeps during the day and I am a stay at home mom with a baby and 3 dogs. So I actually get a lot of these because we just don’t have the time for a Punishment Spanking at that particular time. I don’t write about these spankings because I would have a 5 sentence post nearly everyday. My husband uses this type of spanking when he wants me to stop misbehaving immediately, but can’t punish me to the full extent that I deserve. He will usually pull me over to him and give me a few, firm spanks over my pants with his hand or an easily accessible implement (spoon, paddle).  These spankings don’t hurt very much, but they let me know that I had better behave because I am already in for it. I actually got one of these today. My husband was in the shower while he was getting ready for work. I love playing practical jokes on him, and he usually finds them funny. Well, while he was in the shower I thought it would be funny to pour a glass of ice water over him. So I did. Then, to make it even worse, I flushed the toilet. I thought it was hilarious, my husband, however, had different thoughts. After he dried off and put shorts on, he grabbed me by the arm, turned me around and spanked me a good 10-15 times. He wad quite mad an kept telling me that I’ve got it coming…

3) Maintenance Spanking: I have written a few posts about this already. My husband gives me weekly maintenance spankings to remind me to behave and that he loves me.  They are always given on my bare bottom with any implement(s) he chooses. They definitely hurt and serve as a good reminder.

4) Punishment Spankings: For anyone that gets regularly spanked, I am pretty sure this is everyone’s least favorite kind of spanking. I am sure I don’t need to say this, but these type of spankings are given for misbehaving, breaking the rules, and not achieving my goals or back tracking. These spankings definitely hurt…a lot, are always done on a bare bottom, and include multiple implements of my husbands choice. Other punishments such as corner time are associated with this type of spanking.

I would love to hear about any different types is spankings that other couples are using. Feedback is always appreciated.

4 thoughts on “The Different Types of Spankings

  1. sixofthebest says:

    I love it when groups of wives and husbands get together for female maintenance spankings. Unique and most pleasurable for all the males to see their own wives, and other female’s bare bottoms, being blushingly reddened.

  2. Tammy says:

    It’s funny, panties to the knees is more embarrassing than off.

  3. tammy says:

    We have two punishment spanking.

    Day to day spankings ….. good because it’s over quickly, more about getting attention than pain … bad because it’s as then and there as he can make it, not quite public but close at times

    And then there is the EVENT. First thing in the morning after a bath, shaved legs and a bit of corner time.

  4. Obbsy says:

    You ask about other spankings that we DDers get. My husband and I are part of a group of DDers who get together on a regular basis to discuss and support each other. I find I need to support of others to let me know that I’m not weird or alone. We take it in turns to prepare supper and then during supper and afterwards we discuss what spankings we have had and why. Then we all get a maintenance spanking. The first time I found it embarrassing, taking down my pants and my panties to our knees in front of other people but we were all doing it and our husbands all encourage us individually and my husband is very attentive only to me. He bends me over and spanks me with his hand in the middle and then both sides, may be about 20 spanks. Then we stand facing the wall for 10 mins then we have another spanking of about 10 spanks, we pull up our panties and pants and make our way home. It may sound weird but it is very important to me to have this support. We have been doing this for a long time now and although we have changed the procedure a little recently which is a bit more embarrassing I think it is still making sure that we are all together.

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