First Hairbrush Spanking From My Husband

This is a story I had posted on another site, but it is pretty recent. Only about a month old so I thought I would post it here as well, enjoy 🙂

I am 8 months pregnant so my husband has been taking it easy on me and hasn’t been spanking me as much or as severely. I suppose I had been taking advantage of that lately and have been quite bratty so last night my husband bought a new hairbrush and told me that today I would be getting “the spanking of my life.” He told me he was spanking me for my general bad attitude, talking back, and swearing. We are both trying to work on our swearing because we don’t want that to still be a habit once the baby comes. Well, I can’t say it was the worst spanking I have ever received but it was definitely in the top 3. He can’t put me over his knee right now because I am pregnant so he had me on the bed on my hands and knees. He started by spanking me with his hand, then he gave me a few with his belt, but the grand finale was with the new hairbrush. The hairbrush is huge! Its not wooden, its black and has the soft texture of a smartphone. . .if that makes sense? Well don’t let the texture fool you. . .it wasn’t soft at all and I have the bruises to show for it. After about 10 minutes he could tell I was uncomfortable so he took a break to put my buttplug in my bottom and had me switch positions so that I was bending over the bed. He continued spanking me with the brush for another 5-10 minutes. It hurt!! Then to top it off, once my spanking was complete he had me go to the store with the plug still in my bottom. The spanking always hurts but I always feel so much better after its done. I can’t help but love my husband more each time he does it and it relieves so much stress. 🙂

4 thoughts on “First Hairbrush Spanking From My Husband

  1. Penny says:

    Hmm. My husband would not spank me when I was pregnant. Did I get away with some bad behavior. Yes! Well, I’ve gotten plenty of spankings since then.

  2. Neerev1 says:

    I was spanked while pregnant. My children are fine. The babies were not hurt, but my ass sure was… I’ve been in a DD relationship with my hubby since day one. Our children are now 12 & 17 yrs of age. I thought being pregnant was a “brat” pass. It’s NOT!

  3. Suelp says:

    Not on a woman who is pregnant. Come on!

    • xotheladyxo says:

      He took it easy on me while I was pregnant. He has never given me a punishment that I couldn’t handle. And it was on my ass…not affecting the baby at all.

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