The Rules

This is the most recent version or our Rules and they are in order of importance:

1) Honesty, Always
2) Safe driving at all times, especially with the baby
3) Always Treat Each Other With Respect
4) Don’t Go To Bed Angry
5) No Temper Tantrums
6) Keep Up With House Work
7) No Name Calling
8) No Excessive Spending
9) No Swearing Around Little Ears
10) No arguing after a decision has been made

7 thoughts on “The Rules

  1. Lee Lee says:

    Funny, these seem like more than reasonable rules BUT we all break them sometimes lol. Sometimes, maybe just because we’re beginning , but I try to see see how far he’ll let me go before punishing me. I don’t like the pain of punishment but I do like to know he’s paying attention. Is that bad or have you fealt the same way before ?

    • xotheladyxo says:

      I can definitely relate to that, I hate the pain and humiliation of the punishment, but I do love the attention and the idea of being punished, if that makes sense.


  2. christopher says:

    i would have the most trouble with this one

    10) No arguing after a decision has been made

  3. gigi says:

    Thanks for sharing your journey.

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