Premier Postpartum Punishment

So last week I finally got the spanking I have been anticipating. I was unloading the dishwasher when he came into the kitchen and told me to bend over. I honestly thought he was kidding and just being flirtatious so I rolled my eyes and told him I was busy (whoops). He then took the bowl I was carrying out of my hand and took me by the wrist. He bent me over the counter and yanked down my jeans. He started spanking me right there in the kitchen. He spanked me very hard and fast with his hand, I was so scared he was going to reach into the gadget drawer that was right next to me and pull out a wooden spoon or some other horrible implement, but I got lucky and he didn’t. He spanked me until I was whining and squirming and then he ordered me upstairs into the bedroom. He was finally able to put me over his lap and he put his right leg over my legs. He continued to spank my bottom with his hand until I was just about crying. All the while he was telling me that he would no longer tolerate my attitude and behavior. He said that I have been quite snippy with him (I’m a new mom, I’m exhausted), and I haven’t been doing what I am told. I made the mistake of trying to defend myself while he was spanking me and I think it only upset him more and made him spank me harder. Eventually I got the idea and told him I was sorry and begged him to stop spanking me. This was the first time he has ever left bruises on my bottom from just a hand spanking. I’m still learning to juggle everyting now that I have a baby to care for as well, but I have been learning a lot faster after that spanking!

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