Spanking VII and A “Let’s Not Try That Again”

Lately, with my husband’s new job, the baby, and life in general, we haven’t had a lot of time for punishment, spankings, or even discussions.  No, I haven’t stopped misbehaving or deserving spankings, we just haven’t had the time to administer them, but yesterday we found some time and jumped on the opportunity.  My husband also found a new implement 😦

My husband told me to go upstairs and wait for him.  Not only was he going to punish me, but he also told me that he had a few surprises in mind.  I had a pretty good idea of what one of the surprises were, because I had picked it out.  A few moments after I got into our bedroom and sat on the bed, he came up with the belt, hairbrush, and. . .a new, much thicker, paddle in hand.  No, I didn’t know about the paddle.  This was new and it didn’t look like something that I was going to enjoy.

He had me get on my hands and knees on our bed and lower my head.  He then pulled down my shorts and panties and picked up the hairbrush.  I asked him if I could at least get a warm up and he responded with, “this is the warm up.”

He came down hard with the hairbrush on the very first swat and it instantly stung.  I whined and complained, but I stayed surprisingly still through the entire spanking.  After about 20 swats with the hairbrush, my husband picked up the belt.  He likes loudly snapping the belt together to try to make me nervous about the impending spanking. . .it works.  After the first smack of the belt I complained that it hurt.

Not surprisingly he said, “It’s supposed to hurt.”  And he continued on.

I probably got another 20 smacks with the belt and then he grabbed the thick paddle.  It wasn’t very long like the fraternity paddles you see, it was short.  Maybe a foot in length including the handle, but it was easily 7 inches across and and an inch and a half thick.   He anticipated that I would try to move so he wrapped his arm around my waist and pressed the paddle against my bottom.

“Ready?” He asked.  I didn’t respond.  I just closed my eyes and waited for the first smack.

It didn’t sting like our other paddle, it hurt more like the hairbrush.  It was heavier and the paddle hit harder and hurt more, but it was similar.  I whined, begged, squealed, and pleaded, but he didn’t spank me any softer or slower.  After about 20-30 smacks of the paddle I was done.  He let me lay there and he held me to his chest.  He kissed my hair and rubbed his hands all over me.  I instantly felt better.  When my husband isn’t using his hands to punish me, they are wonderful, magical things.   Just as my body started to melt in his hands, he stopped and told me to “go get the ginger.”  I thought about complaining.  I thought about asking to do it “next time.”  I thought about arguing.  My sore bottom made me think otherwise and I got up and got the ginger out of the refrigerator and a knife and I returned to my husband.

He and I had never tried figging together.  I had one experience with it prior, and I had written about it on here.  To make a long story short, it didn’t go very well and we ended up “losing” the ginger because it wasn’t carved in the right shape.  This was probably about 3 years ago and I was ready to try it again.  My husband carved the ginger while I watched and waited.  Once he was satisfied with the shape he had me get back on all fours in bed.  I had read stories about the ginger taking a few minutes to start to burn. . .that was not the case.  I started feeling in only moments after he touched the ginger to my bottom hole.  It burned more and more as he pushed it in until finally I couldn’t stand it.  He had just gotten it all the way in when I begged him to take it out and he complied.  He had never tried figging before and he wasn’t going to make me hold it if I couldn’t stand it.  I couldn’t.  I don’t know how people keep it inside.  Talk about torture!  It burned so horribly even after my husband removed the ginger.  It was terrible.  I rushed to the bathroom to do anything I could to make it stop hurting.  It was far too intense for me and we both agreed not to try that again.


I haven’t been writing lately, and for that I am sorry.  It isn’t because I haven’t been spanked, because I was spanked sort of recently, but I haven’t been in the mood to write about it.  My dog is missing.  My best friend is missing.

We live out in the country so the dogs (we have 3) are able to roam around, pretty much as they please.  Monday evening they were out on one of their adventures, but only 2 returned.  My husband and I spent that night calling for him, driving up and down the road, and searching the brush with a flash light.  I cried myself to sleep that night.  The next day was spent in the same manner.  My mother in law and I trekked up and down the hills (in the mud), through meadows clad with poison ivy, and were eaten alive by mosquitoes, but still no sign of Jack.  My husband went out when he got home from work and did the same thing.  We talked to neighbors, I called the shelter and the dog warden. . .nothing.

We were told by one of the neighbors that they heard some dogs fighting pretty intensely Monday night and our other dog came back pretty beaten up.  She is sick with liver disease and isn’t going to last too much longer so I imagine Jack was probably trying to protect her.  He must have gotten very badly injured. . .or worse.  I keep hoping he is still alive and out there waiting for me so I keep looking.  When I’m home I am constantly looking out the window hoping to see him coming home.

It’s a terrible heart break not knowing where your best friend went or if he is okay or not.  He has been there for me through thick and thin, and if he is hurt and needs me I want to be there for him.  I apologize if it takes me a little while to write a relevant post, but I am such a wreck I can’t seem to focus on much else.

Please pray, wish, and hope that I find my dog.

Spanking Mishaps

Well, today I learned why you never use your hands to cover your butt during a spanking.

My husband and I went swimming at my parents’ house and my husband got out first to get our daughter dried off.  Once he was all dried and changed, I got out.  I started horsing around with him and trying to give him a hug to get him all wet again.  After a few minutes he started to get frustrated and turned me around to spank me.  It was a sort of playful, and sort of a you-better-start-behaving spanking.  Not to mention we were right in front of my mother!  As he was spanking me, I moved my hands over my bottom to try to block the spanks.  I’m not sure how he did it, but he hit my left hand just right so that he jammed my fingers really hard.  It hurt really badly!  I can say I definitely cried from this spanking!  I’m not sure if it is sprained or not, but I can say typing this post is quite difficult so I’m sorry, but it won’t be a very long one.

My husband felt really bad and apologized for hurting me, but he still said that I deserved the spanking.

I’m sorry for such a short post, but it hurts.  More next time.

Answers from a dominant husband part 1

I absolutely love this and I can’t wait to have my husband read this when he gets home from work. I love when I find posts that give men tips on how to be dominant so that I don’t have to say it. We’re married and we communicate well, but I am still so bashful about this stuff. . .

God's gift to Him

I titled this post trying to be funny.  Yes, I’m the head of a household and yes, my wife is submissive but the title of dominant husband is amusing to me.

I’m here to answer questions that you have sent to my sweet little wife.  This is her blog, but she didn’t want to answer everything in third person. 

I would like to start off by saying that I am no expert.  I don’t pretend to be.  All I have to offer is experience from one single relationship with one really strong opinionated women.  This woman desired to have a marriage based on the Bible in which I lead while we both love and respect each other.  She also desired to give up control in all things sexual and asks that I “be the man”.  She likes it when I do things that give her submissive feelings and I have…

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Awesome Anal Action *Discretion Advised 18+*

I haven’t posted about my sex life with my husband on here yet because it isn’t really relevant to Domestic Discipline, however it is relevant to our marriage. So here is a little sex post. Definitely only meant for those 18+ 😉

My husband isn’t the most dominant man in the world. He is dominant, but it doesn’t really come naturally to him. He does it because he knows I need it. I do notice that it is starting to come a bit easier to him and some days he gets into these really dominant moods (which I absolutely LOVE). The other night he came home from work and he was in one of those “moods.”

I was already in bed after putting our daughter down.  Once he was finished eating and showering, he came upstairs and joined me.  We started kissing, which lead to much deeper, passionate kissing.  One thing he does when he is in those dominant moods is he will pull my hair.  I absolutely love to have my hair pulled.  It is similar to spanking in that it instantly humbles me and puts me in ultra submissive mode.  I will pretty much comply with anything he says when he is pulling my hair.  While he was kissing me deeply, he would gather a bunch of my hair in his hand and pull, and then bite my lip or neck.  I also love to be bitten.

He moved his hands all over my body and began to undress me.  He started with my tank top and bra (yes, I sleep in my bra).  He began playing with my breasts.  Licking, sucking, and tweaking my nipples.  He is always careful when sucking on my nipples not to suck to hard or for too long because I am still nursing my 4 month old daughter.  Some people are into that, he isn’t.  He kissed, bit, and sucked on my neck and then down my abdomen.

“Roll over,” was all he said.  Without a word, I obeyed.  He got up and did some digging in our “naughty drawer.” Lol

He pulled out the lube, so I had a pretty good idea of what was coming.

“I want to fuck you in the ass,” he said.

Some women really dread anything going in their bottom, especially anal sex.  Not me.  I LOVE anal, so whenever he wants to fuck me in the ass I get very excited.

He pulled down my panties and applied some lube to my bottom and then to his dick.  We ran out of our regular plain lube and all we had left was the warming sensation or the cooling sensation.  He chose the cooling sensation because he already knew that the warming sensation lube burns when applied to my bottom.  Once he entered my bottom the lube did start to burn a little, though not quite as badly as the warming sensation.  I fought through it and the initial pain and discomfort of the insertion.  He moved slowly so he didn’t hurt me too badly and I was able to get used to his width.  After a few minutes he was able to slide in all the way and it felt amazing.

With in minutes he was fucking me harder than he has ever anally fucked me before.  He was pulling my hair at the same time and telling me what a bad girl I have been.  That’s another thing that really gets the *ahem*. . .juices flowing 🙂  I love being told I am a bad girl.  He told me I was a “bad girl” and “needed to take my punishment.”  This was all in play, of course, he would never use sex to punish me.

This was probably the best anal sex we have ever had.  He nearly brought me to orgasm and I have never even orgasmed from vaginal intercourse.  *Sigh* I love his dominant moods.