The Difference Between Sex and Punishment

I like to keep punishment and sex separate. Does it turn me on to be punished? Yes. Does it turn my husband on to punish me? As far as I know. However, there is a difference. I like the thought of being punished more so than I like the actual thing. Spanking is painful and humiliating. It hurts, I squirm, its humiliating and I feel like a bad, little girl when it happens. The same goes for the other types of punishments I have mentioned; enemas, corner time, suppositories, etc. They are all unpleasant enough to put me in my place when my husbands feels that he needs to use them. That is the purpose of punishment, isn’t it? To make you feel bad about the behavior you have displayed so that you are less likely to do it again? To give you something to negative to remember that you associate with such behavior? I am sure we are both turned on to a degree each time he has to punish me, just the way it is, but we don’t have sex afterwards. We don’t act on those feelings at all. Just wanted to clarify that because I have said several times in the past that the punishments are a turn on for me. I didn’t want anyone to think that makes the punishments any less effective.