The Punishment

Well, it happened. The impending punishment I had mentioned prior had been carried out and I am now a sore girl laying on my stomach with my panties below my buns.

The first day he spanked me he warned me it was only a warm up. He bent me over the couch while he first warmed my bottom with his hand and then the long, thin paddle.  My husband is a big hand and his hands are like big, heavy paddles themselves. By the end, my bottom was red and I was apologizing through my whines and moans.

The second day (today) was worse…much worse.  My husband put me in the same position, my knees on the cushion, elbows on the back of the couch, and my bottom sticking out.  He started with the thin paddle, stinging each cheek from top to bottom. I tried taking this spanking like a big girl; without any squirming or whining, but that was short lived. 

Once he felt I had been thoroughly paddled, he began spanking me with his hand.  Each smack stinging more than the last, all the while he was reminding me that he was tired of my disobedience and that I deserved every bit of what I was getting.

I was a apologizing and begging him to stop when he began rubbing my bottom. I was praying that he was finished when he stood up, but my heart sank when I saw him grab the othe paddle…the thick, heavy one. I am pretty sure I screamed after each smack, he did not take it easy on me either.  My bottom stung, and throbbed, and felt like it was on fire!

My husband put the paddle down and rubbed my bottom for a few minutes.  Once he pulled me into his arms  I was sure that the spanking was over.  I pulled up my pants and left to cook dinner. After we ate, my husband really surprised me. He grabbed the freaking wooden spoon from the kitchen and ordered me back over the couch. He knows the wooden spoon is my least favorite implement and reserves it for special occasions. 

My bottom was very sore to begin with, so much so that sitting through dinner was difficult.  He only gave me about 20 quick smacks with the spoon, but that was enough to send me into a frantic state of wiggling, pleading, and swearing to never misbehave again.

The punishment was severe, but I cannot deny that it fits the crime.  I am a sore and sorry girl but I know that my husband loves me and only wants what is best for me. 

Maintenance Paddling


My husband surprised me today, and I love his surprises.  He has been very busy getting us ready to move into our new house, but he made time today to stop home and tell me he was going to give me a maintenance spanking.  I was both surprised and excited, it had been a while since he had done anything like this.

He grabbed two paddles, the long-thin one, and the wide-heavy one, and led me into the living room.  He had me bend over the couch where he immediately pulled down my shorts and panties and began paddling my bare bottom hard and fast with the long, thin paddle.  I couldn’t take it, and I moved my bottom out of the way.  He commanded that I stay still and tapped the paddle on my hips, just hard enough for it to sting.  Once I moved back into place, he spanked me a few times with his hand and then began again with the paddle.  My bottom was on fire and I couldn’t help but cry out and wiggle.  It hurts too much for me to be still!  I think because I was cold, it didn’t take long for me to start telling him I was sorry and begging him to stop.  Then he said something that surprised me, his exact words were “Maintenance spanking or not, I am not going to go easy on you.”  That made me feel like I had to toughen up and take my spanking like a big girl.

After a few more minutes he stood up, and I thought he might not even use the other paddle.  I stood up too and began to pull up my pants, but he shook his head.  He picked up the other paddle and said that he was going to give me 9 “good ones” and that I was not to move or it wouldn’t count.  I shuddered.  I started to move back into position on my knees, leaning over the couch, but he stopped me and told me to lay down on my belly on the couch and bite on the thin paddle.  I did as I was told.

My husband meant it when he said “good ones.”  Every smack made me cry out and made my ass feel like it was being burned and stung by a million bees at the same time!   I begged him not to hit the same spot more than once at a time, but the paddle is so big that it covers the majority of my bottom and it couldn’t be helped.  After the 8th smack, I begged my husband to stop and even tried to convince him that he had already given me 9 smacks with that paddle, but he knew better.  He made the 9th smack especially hard and I screamed quite loudly, I was worried I might wake the baby.  He rubbed my hot, sore bottom for a few minutes and then I made him lunch before he returned to his work.

Sitting hurts.  😦

A Drunken Night

I would love to give you all of the details of last night’s spanking, but I can’t remember it all.  My husband and I went out last night to a bar with some friends and then we all came back to the house for a few more drinks.  I barely ever drink in excess and needless to say, I was rather intoxicated. . .actually, I was rather intoxicated before we even left the bar.

I’m not sure how it started, but a few days prior my friend and I got into a conversation about some of the things we try to get our men into and the topic of spanking came up.  Apparently, we share a lot of the same interests.  My blog was also mentioned and I ended up giving her the link so she could read about some of the things my husband and I get into.  She told me later that she was very captivated by my blog and read the entire thing in one night, so she was well versed on our lifestyle by the time we went out last night.  In my intoxicated state, I mentioned to my husband that I had given her the link to my blog and she knew about everything.  He took it better than I had expected, he was fine with it.

This is where my memory get’s a little fuzzy.  Every time my friend caught me saying something I shouldn’t, she would give me this look as if to say, “better behave yourself!”  and I would smile.  My husband even said something to imply that he would spank me right in front of them, I can’t remember exactly what he said, but I remember I was embarrassed and felt myself blush.  My friend smiled about that as well.

After our guests left, I did end up getting a rather severe spanking, but I can’t remember how we lead up to that point or what exactly the spanking was for.  (Don’t tell my husband that!)  I remember him bending me over the kitchen sink while he undid my belt and took down my pants and panties.  I can’t remember if he started with his hand or the belt, but I do know that he used both while I was in that position.  He also put my butt plug in my bottom while I was in that position, but I can’t remember if that was done before or after the spanking.

My husband then lowered me to my knees while he made me gag on his manhood.  I can’t tell you how long I did this, but I fell like he was fucking my throat for quite sometime.   After he sprayed his seed into my mouth and I had swallowed every drop, he guided me to the couch.  He had my knees on the cushions and my elbows on the back with my butt sticking out.   He grabbed the long thin paddle and continued to redden my bottom.  Again, I can’t remember how long he spanked me, nor can I remember all of the other implements he used.  I am quite certain that he used the belt again, but I’m not sure if he used his hand or anything else.

Once I had finally been spanked to his satisfaction, he removed my plug and replaced it with his dick.  He fucked my ass very hard and very fast while I was in the same position on the couch.  He exposed my breasts and squeezed them while he fucked me.  He did this for a long time until my punishment was finally complete.  I was still very drunk at that point so my husband held me close in his arms and kissed me deeply.  He told me to go upstairs and wait for him so he could now reward me for being so good during my punishment.  I obeyed.  I went upstairs, removed the remainder of my clothes, and laid on the bed to wait for him.  Only a few moments passed before he was upstairs as well.  He made love to me for a long time and then we both passed out from exhaustion.  I love my husband.

Spanking VII and A “Let’s Not Try That Again”

Lately, with my husband’s new job, the baby, and life in general, we haven’t had a lot of time for punishment, spankings, or even discussions.  No, I haven’t stopped misbehaving or deserving spankings, we just haven’t had the time to administer them, but yesterday we found some time and jumped on the opportunity.  My husband also found a new implement 😦

My husband told me to go upstairs and wait for him.  Not only was he going to punish me, but he also told me that he had a few surprises in mind.  I had a pretty good idea of what one of the surprises were, because I had picked it out.  A few moments after I got into our bedroom and sat on the bed, he came up with the belt, hairbrush, and. . .a new, much thicker, paddle in hand.  No, I didn’t know about the paddle.  This was new and it didn’t look like something that I was going to enjoy.

He had me get on my hands and knees on our bed and lower my head.  He then pulled down my shorts and panties and picked up the hairbrush.  I asked him if I could at least get a warm up and he responded with, “this is the warm up.”

He came down hard with the hairbrush on the very first swat and it instantly stung.  I whined and complained, but I stayed surprisingly still through the entire spanking.  After about 20 swats with the hairbrush, my husband picked up the belt.  He likes loudly snapping the belt together to try to make me nervous about the impending spanking. . .it works.  After the first smack of the belt I complained that it hurt.

Not surprisingly he said, “It’s supposed to hurt.”  And he continued on.

I probably got another 20 smacks with the belt and then he grabbed the thick paddle.  It wasn’t very long like the fraternity paddles you see, it was short.  Maybe a foot in length including the handle, but it was easily 7 inches across and and an inch and a half thick.   He anticipated that I would try to move so he wrapped his arm around my waist and pressed the paddle against my bottom.

“Ready?” He asked.  I didn’t respond.  I just closed my eyes and waited for the first smack.

It didn’t sting like our other paddle, it hurt more like the hairbrush.  It was heavier and the paddle hit harder and hurt more, but it was similar.  I whined, begged, squealed, and pleaded, but he didn’t spank me any softer or slower.  After about 20-30 smacks of the paddle I was done.  He let me lay there and he held me to his chest.  He kissed my hair and rubbed his hands all over me.  I instantly felt better.  When my husband isn’t using his hands to punish me, they are wonderful, magical things.   Just as my body started to melt in his hands, he stopped and told me to “go get the ginger.”  I thought about complaining.  I thought about asking to do it “next time.”  I thought about arguing.  My sore bottom made me think otherwise and I got up and got the ginger out of the refrigerator and a knife and I returned to my husband.

He and I had never tried figging together.  I had one experience with it prior, and I had written about it on here.  To make a long story short, it didn’t go very well and we ended up “losing” the ginger because it wasn’t carved in the right shape.  This was probably about 3 years ago and I was ready to try it again.  My husband carved the ginger while I watched and waited.  Once he was satisfied with the shape he had me get back on all fours in bed.  I had read stories about the ginger taking a few minutes to start to burn. . .that was not the case.  I started feeling in only moments after he touched the ginger to my bottom hole.  It burned more and more as he pushed it in until finally I couldn’t stand it.  He had just gotten it all the way in when I begged him to take it out and he complied.  He had never tried figging before and he wasn’t going to make me hold it if I couldn’t stand it.  I couldn’t.  I don’t know how people keep it inside.  Talk about torture!  It burned so horribly even after my husband removed the ginger.  It was terrible.  I rushed to the bathroom to do anything I could to make it stop hurting.  It was far too intense for me and we both agreed not to try that again.

Spanking Story – Anonymous

This story was sent to me by someone else and they requested that I post it on my blog anonymously. I was told that it was a true story, so here it is:

I was a physical trainer at a local gym. I’m 22 years old, 5′ 11″, and in great shape (less than 2% body fat). I met him because I was assigned to him as his trainer. Mike was am EMT and in great shape himself. After about three months of being his trainer we started dating. He was such a gentleman to me, he even respected the fact that I was saving myself for marriage and he never pressured me about sex. He always kept his promises which was what I always respected about him. We had been dating about six months when he had to go out of town for about week and needed a house sitter. He has a custom car he’s been customizing for the past few years and told me before he left that if I touch his car he would blister my butt until I couldn’t sit for a week. I responded that I totally understood and if I planned on doing anything I would take my car. While he was out of town, I found his keys and took his car for a ride with my girlfriends. Sure enough while it was parked in the parking lot it was hit by someone else. Insurance took care of it but I tried to lie to him over the phone about it. I felt so bad about it, I agreed to take the punishment whoopin from him to clear the air and make things right between us, he was so upset it took him about a week to calm down enough for us to talk about it, about a week after that I went over his place and I decided to accept what was coming or so I thought.

He asked me to lower my britches. “Ok, let’s get your britches down!”
“Mike I’m not taking off my cloths for this, I’m not going to be naked for this!”
“First, I’m not telling you that you have to be naked. I’m not telling you to take off your cloths, I’m only telling you to take a few of them down. I’m not paddling your pants, I’m paddling you. You thought you were too big for your britches. Joy ride in my custom car and then try to lie about it? I had you house sit for me while I was out of town and I told you that if you touch my car that I’d bust your butt. Now hand me the paddle and lower them.”
I let out a big sigh of protest, I felt so bad that I let him down and I knew that I broke our trust, but since I was going to accept this I was going to try to prove to him I could take it. “Fine, but you’re not going to make me cry!” I handed him the paddle.
Than he told me, “We’ll see about that, now let’s get to the bare issues here. You busted my car now I’m going to bust your butt. I’m going to keep my promise, I’m sorry honey.”
I am wearing jeans and my cowboy boots. I slowly undo my belt buckle as I try to talk him out of paddling me. Got the flap of my belt out from the front loop of my jeans and started to pull to unhook it loose. “Do I really have too take’m down, I mean. . .?”
He interrupted me, “Honey your jeans didn’t do anything, I’m paddling your butt not your jeans. I’m sorry honey, but it has to be this way.”
I swallowed hard, “ohhhh” Letting out a whimper as I pulled a little and got my belt unhooked, pulled it out of his buckle and was about to start with the button of my jeans. “But Mike, I really don’t think. . .”
He interrupted me again, he got u,p stepped forward reaching out and placing his hand my hands looking me straight in the eyes, “honey, it is going to going to be ok, I promise you that I will not take advantaged you, I gave you a promise and I mean to keep it. This isn’t about sex, it’s about respect. I have always kept my promise and you know this, I will take care of you afterwards, that’s what the lotion on the table is for, I love you and I just want what’s best for you and us. “
This was the first time he said he loved me, my lips started to stammer. My heart melted, I threw my arms around him almost started to cry right then and there telling him I was so sorry about what I did.
Holding me tightly he said, “I know honey, I know, but unfortunately I still have to keep another promise, you know me I always keep my word, so please no more arguments about this, ah?”
Looked directly at him and nodded. I stepped backed and asked him if I can have a pillow to hang on too with my hands. He went to his bedroom and returned with two pillows. He sat back down on the chair. With deep sigh, another whimper and lips stammering I slowly unsnapped the bottom of my jeans. Stopped for second.
Looking into his eyes, I started to slowly unzip my zipper, put my thumbs on the inside of my jeans and hesitated again.
In a very calm voice he said, “it’ll be alright, I have sisters and you don’t have anything that I haven’t already seen.”
I slowly lowered just the back part of my jeans just below my butt cheeks and hesitated again look at him hopefully it would be far enough.
“All the way down, honey, all the way down! I’m sorry but it has to be all the way.”
Whimpering again, I slightly bent over pushing my jeans down to my where they bunched up at my knees. Stood up wearing only my superman panties and look directly into his eyes. “Mike can we just. . . .” as I tried to protest again.
He said, “you are going to bear through this situation and in this sense I mean bare, now cute as your superman panties are, you’re are going to have to get them down too, now come on, I understand that you are embarrassed but that’s the whole point.”
“Oh man this is going to hurt!” I slowly moved my thumbs into the waist band of my panties and again slowly started to pushed just the back part of them down too. Looked at him and he raised his eye brow.
“Well, it’s a whoopin it supposed to hurt honey, you’re my super girl and I very proud of you for accepting it. They come down all the way too.”
Lips stammering, I involuntarily tighten my butt a few times as I slowly pushed them down past my thighs to my knees and stood up covering myself, I was so embarrassed, jeans and panties to my knees standing there in front of the man whom I love, ready to take the whoopin of my life. I had been tanning and when my panties were down you can clearly see the tan lines. I was as white as could be where I had my swim suit bottoms on. I was scared and yet I also felt a sense of trust towards Mike, a bond that was there that I couldn’t explain. I hobbled forward to his side, lips still stammering asking him to just change his mind.
“Please do everything you can to keep your arms and hands around the pillow” he said handing me a pillow, “so I don’t want to hit them accidentally.
“I will, I’m really sorry about what I did and. . . “
He motioned with his hand and calmly interrupted “I know honey, now, no sense putting it off more than we already have. Alright, let’s get to the bottom of things and move on, ok?”.
I sighs, nodded and took the pillow and turned over his knee. I took a pillow and started to hug it as he adjusted me. He rested the wooden paddle on my backside and ask me the final question.
“First I have to tell you that you have very nice looking bottom, I didn’t realize how light you were because of your tan. But unfortunately, I’m going to have to tan your backside now too. Now, do you believe that if I paddle blisters into your backside that you won’t take my car or lie to me again?”
I wait for at least half a minute trying to stall to see if there was any way he might change his mind and just admire me instead.
“Kim, I’m waiting?”
“ok, ok,hmmmm how many swats am I going to get,” I asked still trying to stall.
“As many as it takes, how did I say I was going to paddle you for lying and taking my car without permission?
I hesitated again, “Kim, you need to answer me!”
I swallowed hard again, “you said you’d paddle blisters into my butt until I can’t sit for a week.”
“Ok, then how many are you going to get than, Kim?”
“oooooooo, I don’t know?”
“That’s right, now I’m going to ask you again, do you believe that if I give you a good licking that you’ll learn your lessen?”
Feeling the flatness of the wood paddle resting on my butt, I swallowed, I said, “Ok, ok, but please don’t spank that hard, I’m really sorry!”
“So is that a yes?”
Waited for few seconds more, just trying to stall. I was so embarrass and felt so vulnerable being over his knee like this, having my pants down like this and having this conversation.
He taped my butt with the paddle lightly, “Kim?”
“ooooo!” I Figured that I might as well get it over with, “ok, yes, yes, I won’t lie or take your car ever again, I’m really sorry Mike, I don’t have to count them do I?” With that, he raised the paddle. I squeezed my eyes and waited.

“I sorry I have to do this Kim, and no you don’t have to count, I doubt you will be able to count that fast!” “Count that fast, what you mean? How fast are yo. .. “

There were absolutely no warm up, no pause between swats. From start to finish he was literally swatting as hard and fast as he possibly could. I wanted to think that it would end quickly too but it didn’t. He made sure he got every inch of my backside, from the top to the bottom to and even underneath to my thighs. Ensuring that he give my bottom no rest. At first I was so determined not to cry or yell and I even tried to count. After the 30th to 40 swat or so I couldn’t take anymore and I couldn’t count.

My mind went into panic mode. “oochie oochie oochie!” I straightened up my entire body as stiff as a board, curled my toes and crossed my feet, squirmed, clenched and unclenched involuntarily.
“ok, ok ok, I can’t, I can’t I can’t!” squeezing my pillow tighter and tighter as I and then started bucking and kicking like crazy.
Whack after whack, fast and hard and there was no signs of him letting up. I had no time recover between swats and it went on and on.
“ouchi, ouchi, ouchi, ouheeeeeeee!” I lost all ability to make actual words. I bit into the pillow and I just seem to loss all sense of thinking. I just remember how bad it was stinging and how painfully that damn paddle was burning my backside. The paddle was just long enough to hit both cheeks at once and just hard enough not to break. It hit one spot over and over then he would move to a different area. After a while all I could do at this point was just scream at the top of my lungs. Load long and ruthenic bursts of screeching. “ahhhhhhhh!” pause, “ahhhhhhhhh!” pause, pause, “ahhhhhhhhhh!” pause, “ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” pause, “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” At one point I tried to get off his lap and involuntarily put my hand back, I just couldn’t take it anymore. He stopped for second, lifted my body and put me over one knee placing his leg and scissor locked min. He caught my hand and held it to my back, I was trapped and he was not done. I remember him stating clearly, “Nope, we aren’t done yet!” As he continued with the flurry of swats. The smacks of the paddle when on for what seems liked forever. The swats were coming so hard and fast I could barely breathe. I was crying and screaming now in searing pain as the paddle smack my backside and upper thighs. I let go of the pillow and started scratching the floor trying to pull myself forward, but to no avail. He kept his pace up still whacking as hard and as fast as he could. He was spanking the living daylights out of me. I than started hammering my fist to the floor, thrashing my head about and screaming, crying profusely and out of control. He was not letting up. When he finally stopped and it over I was bawling, hiccuping, and crying out of control. He let me up and I stood straight up doing what he called the spanking hop. Jumping up and down holding and rubbing my backside while crying in my cowboy boots. After a while I calmed down enough to stand in on place, he stood up set the paddle down and out stretched his arms for me to come to him. I must have been quite a site, my hair was a mess, my entire backside blistered, snot running out of my nose, pants down to my boots, panties still to my knees, trying to get my breathing under control. I hobbled over to him and started crying all over again in his arms as I was trying to rub the sting away. True to his word, he blistered my butt and upper thighs, literally my boyfriend paddled me good and hard. I never felt so vulnerable and secure at the same time as I did just then. I just stood in his arms for what seem like forever until I could breathe normally.
My butt really stung and was sensitive to touch.

“I love you Kim and I don’t want to have to do that again.” He said, “would you like me to put some lotion on you before you get your pants back up?”
This time I threw my arms around him again, nodded and started crying again. “I’m so sorry I took your car and tried to lie about it. I won’t ever do that again Mike.” This was the first time my boyfriend paddled me, first time he ever saw be bare and I never touched his car without permission or lied to him again.

Spanking IV

I get spanked nearly everyday, though most days aren’t so bad. It’s usually a quick couple of smacks for doing something wrong. It’s not too often that I get severely punished, probably about twice a month. Well the other day I was due for one of these spankings.

My husband told me to go upstairs and wait for him while he collected his implements. After a few minutes, he met me in the bedroom with the paddle and hairbrush in hand. Have I mentioned that I HATE the paddle? He commanded me to drop my shorts and get on the bed on all fours. He pulled down my panties and then waited a good 30 seconds before spanking me with his hand. The suspense of that first smack was awful.

He gave me a good warm up with his hand, probably 20-30 smacks. Then he rubbed my bottom for a moment and grabbed the paddle. I can’t even begin to estimate how many smacks he gave me with the paddle. It felt like a million. He used the paddle for a good 10 minutes until my bottom was no longer stinging, it was more numb than anything. Again, he massaged my bottom and picked up the hairbrush. The hairbrush was the same as the paddle, he spanked me very hard and for a good 10 minutes or so. By the time he was done with the hairbrush my bottom was hot, numb, and throbbing. I figured I was done and I began to get up, but I was wrong.

He laid the hairbrush down on the bed and again picked up the paddle. I shuttered when I looked behind me and saw him raise it and then it came down hard on my bottom. After another 10 minutes or so with the paddle, I was spanked again with the hairbrush. I am really surprised I didn’t start crying. This was one of the worst spanking he had ever given me.

He set down the hairbrush and gave me probably 20 more smacks with his hand. They were very hard and hurt very much. My bottom was beet red by the end of it. My husband had me lay on the bed while he admired his work and massaged my bottom. I thought for sure my bottom would be purple for a week, but surprisingly there was no bruising. It was definitely hard to sit for a good 24 hours. My husband knows how to keep me in line and make sure I am well behaved. I am a lucky woman ❤

Spanking III

Well, I managed to get myself in trouble again. We went to a school concert for my younger siblings and we brought the baby. I wasn’t sure how she was going to do there, but I figured we would give it a shot. She started crying pretty much as soon as we got there so my husband brought her out into the lobby of the school. After a few minutes I went out to check on them and to feed my daughter. I took her into the bathroom and fed her and then we all went back into the concert to try it again. She does well in public and she loves music so I figured she would like it, but she didn’t. I’m not sure what the problem was, but she wasn’t happy. So my husband took her back out into the lobby. My siblings were performing so I stayed and watched. After a while I went back out to check on them. My husband was furious. The baby had been crying the entire time and my husband didn’t have the diaper bag or the car seat because they were both with me in the auditorium. I hadn’t realized that an hour had gone by and he had been sitting in the lobby with a screaming baby while I was oblivious in the auditorium. I should have known better. Every night from 7 until bed time my daughter is cranky and cries. It really wasn’t a good idea to bring her in the first place and I should have gone out to check on them a lot sooner than I had. I figured he had taken her out to the car and gotten her to sleep, but he hadn’t. I felt so horrible that I had left them out there all I could do was cry, and my husband was so mad at me. Needless to say, I got quite a spanking. He had me bend over the couch while he spanked me with the belt. On my bare bottom, of course. I can’t tell you how many strokes I got or how long he spanked me for, but my bottom was on fire. Then, he had me bend over his lap while he continued to spank me with the belt and then his hand. He has never spanked me so hard with his hand. I was very close to tears by the time he was finished. My bottom was very red and hot to touch. I figured we were done when we started making dinner, but I was quite wrong. After dinner he grabbed the paddle and the hairbrush and pulled me back over his lap. He started with the paddle. . .I HATE the paddle. It stings so horribly and my husband knows it, so lately it has been his favorite implement. I stayed as still as I possibly could because I knew I deserved it, but it was so hard, and it hurt so bad. Then, he spanked me with the hairbrush. My husband has one and only style when it comes to punishment spankings: hard and fast 😦 He alternated a few times with the paddle and hairbrush until he had turned my bottom from white to pink to red and then back to white again. When he was finally finished punishing me he stood me up, held me close, and told me he loved me. Later that night he put in my butt plug and had me keep it in for a couple hours. If you have ever had to keep a butt plug in for that long you know it gets quite uncomfortable after a while. I had to keep my pants off and he kept fiddling with it. I enjoy it, but it always embarrasses me when he touches me back there. But it was well deserved and I am quite sore.

Maintenance Spanking II

Maybe someone can help me with this. My husband gave me a spanking shortly after I got out of the shower. I wasn’t wet, in fact I had my panties on and my hair in a towel when we marched me upstairs to our room. He had me bend over the bed and then pulled down my panties. He brought the hairbrush and the dreaded paddle with him this time and started with the hairbrush. He hasn’t been giving me a warm up spanking lately, and maybe that has something to do with it, but that spanking hurt a lot more than usual. I normally have a relatively high pain tolerance, hence why he has to use two implements for a simple maintenance spanking. This particular spanking, however, hurt like hell. I’m not sure if it was because my bottom was cold from just being out of the shower? Or because I had just been spanked a few days ago? But the from the first smack of the hairbrush on my bottom it stung and I was yelling, yes, yelling in pain. I actually had to beg him to stop and ask him to warm me up with his hand, which he did. . .but it didn’t help. After spanking me a few times with his hand, he picked up the paddle. I really hate the paddle and would consider hiding it if I didn’t think I would get in trouble for it. I have never actually screamed from a spanking before, but this time I came pretty close. He had to scold me for being so loud and for squirming so much. After probably 30 swats of the paddle my husband used the hairbrush again for another 10-15 smacks. I have been spanked 100 times worse than this, but for whatever reason this spanking was extremely painful. My bottom is very very red and quite sore. Guess I’ll be a good girl for a while. . .well, I’ll try anyway O:-)

Maintenance Spanking

My husband thinks I should be spanked at least once a week for maintenance in addition to any spankings that I get as punishment. We believe a maintenance spanking is a moderate spanking given once a week as a reminder to behave. I know different couples use maintenance spankings differently, such as to keep your pain tolerance up.
I was given a maintenance spanking just the other day. It wasn’t an especially long spanking, or a terribly painful one. Just enough to make my bottom sting for a bit and remind me to be a good girl, because spankings are much worse when I am bad. While the baby was napping, my husband brought me upstairs with his belt and the dreaded paddle in hand. He had me remove my jeans myself and then get on all fours on the bed. He proceeded to pull down my panties with the paddle in his hand, while I pleaded for him not to use the paddle this time. He didn’t listen. He started with the paddle and alternated sides for about 5 minutes. It stung, but he didn’t paddle me as hard as he had when he was punishing me with the paddle. My bottom was red and hot none the less. Then he picked up the belt. He hasn’t used the belt in a while and I had forgotten how it feels to be spanked with it. He spanked me for another five minutes with the belt and then I was done. The belt hurt quite a bit, but still not nearly as much as it does when I am being punished. It was a good reminder. I was whining and squirming (I don’t know how people can be still and quiet during spankings) and my bottom was nice and red and warm. I was then able to pull up my panties and pants, give my husband a kiss, and go about my business. I love my husband.

My First Time: Paddle Spanking From My Husband

So today has not been a very good day for my bottom. I got the spanking my husband has been warning me about, and it was quite the spanking. It seems that whenever my husband warns me that I am going to get “the spanking of my life” he introduces a new implement. . .this time it was the paddle. I have been paddled only once before, and not by my husband. Boy, does that sting! I can’t call this a maintenance spanking because, in my opinion, a maintenance spanking occurs when you have been well behaved and just need a reminder to keep up the good behavior. This was more of a spanking for all of the little things I’ve done lately that haven’t warranted a spanking, but combined warranted a good, long spanking. . .and that’s just what I got!
My husband gathered the paddle and the hairbrush and lead me into the living room. He had me bend over the couch with my knees on the seat and my elbows on the back. Then he pulled down my shorts and panties. There was no warm up or anything, he started right in with the paddle. It was a long and thin wooden paddle that reached across my entire bottom. It stung so badly. Each time I tried to cover my bottom he would hit my hand with the paddle, and that hurt quite badly too! I can’t tell you how many times he spanked me with that implement or how long he spanked me for. All I can say is that it hurt and I was begging him to stop by the time he set it down. Then he picked up the hairbrush. Without a pause he began spanking me with that, alternating cheeks. He covered my bottom with spanks with the hairbrush. I was squirming all over the place and swearing that I would never misbehave again. When he set that down, I thought he was finished and I took a sigh of relief, but boy, was I wrong. Then he began spanking me with his hand. My husband has a very big, heavy hand and he knows how to use it. After a few minutes of that he ordered me into the corner. He sat on the couch admiring my red bottom while I stood there. He told me this was only a break, and that I wasn’t done. He was watching the clock, I think I was in the corner for about 10 minutes, though he didn’t say. This time he had me get over his lap. He held me across the waist with his left hand while he spanked me with his right. He started with the paddle again which stung and made me squeal with each strike. It is almost as bad as the wooden spoon which is my sworn enemy. Then he spanked me again with the hairbrush. The entire ordeal took about a half hour. I was quite the sore, sorry, little girl. He hugged and kissed me after it was all over and I felt better, but I have to say, it hurts to be sitting here writing right now! I can’t say that I didn’t deserve that punishment. I haven’t exactly been the most obedient wife lately, and I have been quite argumentative. I think I will have a sore bottom for a while to remind me to behave.