The Plastic Hanger

Today my husband spanked me, mainly just as a maintenance spanking, and he used a plastic hanger. His favorite has been the hairbrush but that is currently packed in my hospital bag to go with me when I go into labor, so he had to find something else to use. We had used hangers in the past, usually when we have company over or something when we have to be quiet. I always seem to forget how much they hurt!
He started by telling me that my attitude had been getting a bit out of hand and I need to behave. It was still a maintenance spanking, he has just been going easy on me since I’m so far along in my pregnancy. He then told me to comply and get on all fours in the bed, if I didn’t he said the punishment would be worse. So I obeyed, he pulled my shorts and panties down and began to spank me. It stung immediately! I have a pretty high pain tolerance, especially when it comes to being spanked, but certain implements like the wooden spoon or the hanger just sting so much I can’t help but wiggle and whine. He didn’t have to spank me long before I was telling him it hurt too much. He then let me think the punishment was over when he stopped and started to rub my bottom. He started asking the usual questions like if I am going to be on my best behavior from now on, and if I think I’ve been punished enough, etc. Instead of stopping however, he told me I had 5 more minutes of spanking to go and he made sure I remembered the last few.
After it was all over he hugged and kissed me and told me he only punished me because he loved me. Is he getting good at this or what??