As I have said before, my husband and I are relatively new to the Domestic Discipline lifestyle. I am always reading blogs and posts online to get more information. I have been reading this blog: http://www.adomesticdisciplinesociety.blogspot.com recently and I like what he has to say. In a few of his posts he talks about having a weekly sit down discussion about everything domestic discipline. I suggested that to my husband and he agreed that it was a good idea. The blogger also said for the sit down discussion I should have a list of goals that I want to achieve, and my husband should also have a list of things he thinks I should work on. Then we can talk about them and discuss appropriate punishment if I don’t reach my goals or if I start back tracking. Also ideas that we liked. There were somethings in the blog that we didn’t particularly like or think was necessary like starting a calendar because I have this blog where I record everything. But anyway, here is my list of goals:

1. Lose 10 pounds a month until goal weight is reached(Still have 15 pounds of baby weight to go, but I want to lose a bit more than that).
1b. Exercise at least twice a week.
2. Stop calling my husband names (I have the bad habit of saying things like, “stop being such a dick.”)
3. Stop swearing. (This is a rule, but my husband hasn’t really been enforcing it. This will be discussed this week)
4. Limit my drinking (Since I am no longer pregnant I have been drinking a lot more. I don’t get drunk, but I will have a drink probably once a day, and I don’t really want that to be the case. I will let my husband decide how much I am allowed to drink per month)
5. Be more independent (Since we have gotten married and have a baby and I have been very dependent on my husband. To an extent I know my husband likes it, but I feel like a child when I need to be an adult and mother. I don’t leave the house or do much of anything without him.)
6. Start writing again. (I used to write books once upon a time, none that I have ever sought to have published, but I would like to try to write another novel and, hopefully, get published this time)

This is what I have come up with so far. I have not yet mentioned any of them to my husband, but plan to this week when we can sit down and talk. I will write a post about how the discussion goes and his response to my goals. We are also working on a new and improved list of rules. Feedback is always appreciated 🙂

Premier Postpartum Punishment

So last week I finally got the spanking I have been anticipating. I was unloading the dishwasher when he came into the kitchen and told me to bend over. I honestly thought he was kidding and just being flirtatious so I rolled my eyes and told him I was busy (whoops). He then took the bowl I was carrying out of my hand and took me by the wrist. He bent me over the counter and yanked down my jeans. He started spanking me right there in the kitchen. He spanked me very hard and fast with his hand, I was so scared he was going to reach into the gadget drawer that was right next to me and pull out a wooden spoon or some other horrible implement, but I got lucky and he didn’t. He spanked me until I was whining and squirming and then he ordered me upstairs into the bedroom. He was finally able to put me over his lap and he put his right leg over my legs. He continued to spank my bottom with his hand until I was just about crying. All the while he was telling me that he would no longer tolerate my attitude and behavior. He said that I have been quite snippy with him (I’m a new mom, I’m exhausted), and I haven’t been doing what I am told. I made the mistake of trying to defend myself while he was spanking me and I think it only upset him more and made him spank me harder. Eventually I got the idea and told him I was sorry and begged him to stop spanking me. This was the first time he has ever left bruises on my bottom from just a hand spanking. I’m still learning to juggle everyting now that I have a baby to care for as well, but I have been learning a lot faster after that spanking!

The Difference Between Sex and Punishment

I like to keep punishment and sex separate. Does it turn me on to be punished? Yes. Does it turn my husband on to punish me? As far as I know. However, there is a difference. I like the thought of being punished more so than I like the actual thing. Spanking is painful and humiliating. It hurts, I squirm, its humiliating and I feel like a bad, little girl when it happens. The same goes for the other types of punishments I have mentioned; enemas, corner time, suppositories, etc. They are all unpleasant enough to put me in my place when my husbands feels that he needs to use them. That is the purpose of punishment, isn’t it? To make you feel bad about the behavior you have displayed so that you are less likely to do it again? To give you something to negative to remember that you associate with such behavior? I am sure we are both turned on to a degree each time he has to punish me, just the way it is, but we don’t have sex afterwards. We don’t act on those feelings at all. Just wanted to clarify that because I have said several times in the past that the punishments are a turn on for me. I didn’t want anyone to think that makes the punishments any less effective.

My First Time: Suppository

It’s kind of embarrassing for me to write about this, but I figured it was relevant because I had posted about my first enema and I also like the idea of suppositories as punishment. I haven’t told my husband that I think they would make a good punishment, I figured we would work our way up to that. After I had my daughter via C-section I had to take iron pills (due to blood loss) and pain killers. Needless to say, I was quite, ahem, backed up. I had been taking stool softeners to move things along, but after a week I started to get desperate and my doctor suggested suppositories. I’m not sure why, but the idea of my husband giving me a suppository for what its actual purpose is was embarrassing to me, but it excited me at the same time. Of course, my husband didn’t even know what they were or how they were given so I had to explain it all, but he was on board. So we went to the store and picked up a small jar of glycerine suppositories. That night he kept reminding me that I had to have one, I think he was much more excited about it than I was. I still had a lot of healing to do so he couldn’t put me over his lap. Instead he had me get on all fours on our bed. He then pulled down my shorts and panties, put a little vaseline on my bottom, and inserted the suppository. He fingered my bottom for a bit, saying he couldn’t wait until we could have sex again because it had been so long. I won’t go into detail, but the suppository did work 🙂 My husband has given me suppositories a few times since then and he says that it really turns him on to give them to me. So perhaps I will suggest using them as a punishment in the near future, I don’t think he will object.

Waiting. . .

I am not sure what’s worse. . .getting spanked or anticipating the impending punishment. My husband has been telling me its coming for a couple of weeks now. I am mostly healed and I figured he would have spanked me by now, for maintenance if nothing else, but he hasn’t. He says I have been bad lately, I have had quite an attitude and have broken a couple of rules. He continues to tell me that I deserve to be spanked and that it is coming, but he hasn’t said when. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be part of my punishment, but if it is. . .its working. I hate waiting for it, especially when I don’t know when it is coming. I wonder if he is waiting to be sure that I am completely healed so he can spank me more severely for my transgressions. He has been wanting to spank me otk for quite some time now, he wasn’t able to while I was pregnant, so maybe he is waiting to make sure he can do it properly. We will see. . .