About Me :)

I am a 21 year old female, living in NY, who has always had a fascination with spanking, punishment, and domestic discipline. I can’t tell you what triggered it, I am always asked if I was spanked as a child and such, but if I was I really don’t remember it.
I started experimenting with spanking and other forms of punishment with a boyfriend I had when I was 17. I tend to prefer older, much more dominant men, though he wasn’t quite that. Though we stayed together for quite some time and experimented with a lot of things the relationship didn’t last. After that I started looking specifically for men that were into the same things as me, only they were looking to dominate me and not vise versa. I met a few from various sites, and continued to try new things and discover what I like, what I don’t like, and why. I like being spanked, though I don’t like to be spanked for no reason. The psychological part of being punished for something I did wrong has to be there. I like knowing that the person I am with is in control and will take control when necessary. I also like other forms of punishment such as enemas, corner time, butt plugs, suppositories, figging, etc. As you can probably tell, I am very anal 😉 Perhaps because that part of the body just seems so taboo. . .I’m not sure.
It wasn’t hard to find men that would spank me, however it was rather difficult finding those that knew the difference between punishment and abuse, and wouldn’t take things too far. It was also difficult to find men that were open minded to enemas and other such things.
Now I am 21, married, exceptionally pregnant (due to pop any time now), and involved in a well progressing Domestic Discipline Lifestyle. How did all of that change? Well I’ll let you read about my husband and how we came to be together to fill in the gaps, enjoy 🙂