Dominant vs. Domineering

I love this post! I find it to be very accurate in articulating the difference between someone who is dominant and someone who simply needs to be in control. It goes along with some of the things I said in my post “What is Domestic Discipline?”


Like most everything else in life, the basis for a good D/s-M relationship is a solid foundation.  If the foundation is inadequate the structure will eventually crumble.

The confident Dominant will be the pillar of strength in the D/s relationship.  A domineering man may be putting you at risk, both emotionally and physically.  The very nature of a D/s relationship enables domineering people to masquerade as Dominants.  Eventually their submissive will realize that they are not being fed by this person and will want out of the relationship all together.

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  John Dalberg-Acton  1887image

Due to the severe consequences of the misuse of power, both Dominants and submissives should yield caution to this topic.  A Dominant is empowered by his submissive.  This power that he reins can be like a drug to a domineering person and all the while, a great feeling…

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3 thoughts on “Dominant vs. Domineering

  1. HusDom says:

    The Lady,

    Thank you for the re-blog… honored…

    Mr Fox

  2. Kenzie says:

    I loved reading this post over at his blog, and I loved reading it again here. 🙂

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