A Home, A Family

In the recent, weeks my husband and I have been moving into our new house which has been an exciting, but stressful adventure. Making a house move-in-ready while moving in is quite the task, especially with a 10 month old.  We have been busy, exhausted, sore, but extremely happy. I have enjoyed every moment of turning these four walls with a roof into a home for our family. I love waking up every morning to my unfinished walls, floors, and the splay of tools across my abode.  Why? Because it’s ours.
I already have a place where I plan to keep my child(ren)’s height chart, and I envision looking out my back door watching my husband play with the kids while I cook dinner. 
I find a lot of happiness and security in having our own home, it gives me something to look forward to and it’s something that keeps me very busy. I think it has also brought my husband and me closer together. We have always made a great team, but working on our home, planning, and coordinating together has only made us even stronger. It’s not just the discipline and rules that make us so strong, that is hardly the foundation of our marriage and I don’t want that to be confused. 
Our marriage and family is still quite new, but now they have a place where they can grow. I am excited and anxious for the memories that we will make and share in this little place of our own. 🙂

One thought on “A Home, A Family

  1. kenzie says:

    What a sweet post. I’m so excited for you both! All the stress and work will be worth it! 🙂

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