The Punishment

Well, it happened. The impending punishment I had mentioned prior had been carried out and I am now a sore girl laying on my stomach with my panties below my buns.

The first day he spanked me he warned me it was only a warm up. He bent me over the couch while he first warmed my bottom with his hand and then the long, thin paddle.  My husband is a big hand and his hands are like big, heavy paddles themselves. By the end, my bottom was red and I was apologizing through my whines and moans.

The second day (today) was worse…much worse.  My husband put me in the same position, my knees on the cushion, elbows on the back of the couch, and my bottom sticking out.  He started with the thin paddle, stinging each cheek from top to bottom. I tried taking this spanking like a big girl; without any squirming or whining, but that was short lived. 

Once he felt I had been thoroughly paddled, he began spanking me with his hand.  Each smack stinging more than the last, all the while he was reminding me that he was tired of my disobedience and that I deserved every bit of what I was getting.

I was a apologizing and begging him to stop when he began rubbing my bottom. I was praying that he was finished when he stood up, but my heart sank when I saw him grab the othe paddle…the thick, heavy one. I am pretty sure I screamed after each smack, he did not take it easy on me either.  My bottom stung, and throbbed, and felt like it was on fire!

My husband put the paddle down and rubbed my bottom for a few minutes.  Once he pulled me into his arms  I was sure that the spanking was over.  I pulled up my pants and left to cook dinner. After we ate, my husband really surprised me. He grabbed the freaking wooden spoon from the kitchen and ordered me back over the couch. He knows the wooden spoon is my least favorite implement and reserves it for special occasions. 

My bottom was very sore to begin with, so much so that sitting through dinner was difficult.  He only gave me about 20 quick smacks with the spoon, but that was enough to send me into a frantic state of wiggling, pleading, and swearing to never misbehave again.

The punishment was severe, but I cannot deny that it fits the crime.  I am a sore and sorry girl but I know that my husband loves me and only wants what is best for me. 

6 thoughts on “The Punishment

  1. Sir says:

    I notice you mentioned drinking as one of your goals. This is something my wife needs help with and spanking is how I handle it. She is to the point where when she has been bad she sets out my ‘tools’ as we call them, on the bed and when I am ready I summon her for punishment. When she has drank too much and gotten all smart mouthed with me the tools I use are the Phillipino cane and and a harsh, hard wooden paddle I custom made for punishment.

  2. BabyDollsDaddy says:

    My wife and I have begun our journey with dd and are so happy. She started her own blog too…

    Check it out. We have so much new emotion and this is a great way to get it out… not like we can talk with friends or family about it ….;)

  3. Julia says:

    That sounds really ouchy, I am sorry but at the same time, I remember my husband not being strong enough to hand out a punishment, so in a way, I also always like to read punishments get carried out, you know?

  4. Xotheladyxo,

    You are a lucky lady…

    Wishing you and your Sir a Happy New Year!

    Mr. Fox

  5. kenzie says:

    Aw, I’m sorry you had to go through that, but at the same time, I’m glad he’s taking his role seriously. 🙂

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