Something New

I really love it when my husband does something new considering it took so much work just to get him to spank me!

Yesterday, my husband called me from work while on his break and instructed me to put in my butt plug and wear it until he got home from work.  This was the first time he had ever made a request like this, and the first time I had ever worn my butt plug for an extended period of time while going about my normal day.   He wanted me to practice my obedience and give me something to think about during the day, and let me just say, it was ALL I could think about.  I’m sure I must have looked pretty strange walking around with my plug inside of me, especially walking up and down the stairs.  I was very aware of every movement I made.  I also wore a thong underneath my shorts to help keep the plug in place.

I love it when my husband makes commands like this so that I can show him how submissive I am.  Not to mention, I couldn’t wait until he came home after being extremely aroused all day!  It was a nice change 🙂

4 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Karen says:

    My husband has started using butt plugs for discipline and training. He either texts, calls or emails the order to insert the plug and leave it in place till he arrives home. I must check my phone and email constantly because once I missed an order and was severely punished when he got home. He spanked me with the dreaded wooden spoon first, then his belt and last with the cane. After the cane I got corner time till I could stop crying and hiccuping gasps of breath. Then he continued the punishment with his belt. I don’t remember how many times he spanked me, at least 30 more times. I was sobbing hard and begging him to stop promising to not miss another order. I was ordered corner time again. We call it “wall time” because I stand facing the wall. I also have to squat on my toes and hold my arms out to the sides with my palms up. It’s a difficult position to hold and if I break position I receive 10 cane strikes. I’ve gotten very good at holding position but this punishment session I dropped my feet 3 times. I haven’t missed an order since.

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  3. kenzie says:

    Hotttt. We have a plug but have yet to use it, it scares me a bit! This sounds like a good submissive exercise though. 🙂

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