The Life of a Submissive

The life of a submissive isn’t always an easy one.  It might sound easy to have someone guiding you through life, but it’s not.  It is very difficult trusting your life in some other person’s hands; trusting them to know what is right for you and make decisions in your best interests.  It is difficult to let go of control and give it to someone else and trust them with it.  It takes practice.  It takes conscious decisions.  It takes. . .balls.

To listen and obey.

To trust.

To relinquish.

It’s not easy.  Then to be punished.  That’s a whole different ball game.

To trust someone to punish you for misbehaving and not to take it too far, or push you too far beyond your limits.

To accept that you have done something wrong and know you will be disciplined for it.

Knowing it will hurt.

It takes a strong person to be a submissive.  It takes a lot of love, trust, and the big one. . .communication.

The life of a submissive isn’t an easy one, but I think for most of us we wouldn’t have it any other way.  It is our devotion to our Dom(me)s, Daddys/Mommys, Husbands/Wifes, Masters/Mistresses and HoHs that drive us to want to be better and be the best submissive we can be.   If we didn’t love them unconditionally we wouldn’t be so willing to submit.

The life of a Submissive. . .I can’t even imagine the life of a Dominant.

6 thoughts on “The Life of a Submissive

  1. daisy says:

    Hi I’m Daisy I just found your blog..this is very well said thanks for sharing I will be browsing around

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  3. bluejohnhook says:

    The life of a dominant is a fine tightrope of love, control, lust, & trust, walked in such a way as to enhance the pleasure of both you and your beloved submissive. That’s key. It’s all about your sub and the communication and trust you need to have in one another. Without it, there is no true exploration, no real feeling in the scene, no boundaries touched on and maybe crossed, no shared ecstasy. The instinct to control, to lead, to push, is something you either have or you don’t, it’s as much intuitive as it is ingrained. If not born to it you can’t act the part and it be the same, because the feeling and needs are either true or not. Playacting is one thing, being a true dom is a gift you give to your sub, as much as their power is that gift they give to you. It’s a beautiful dance of love and lust, passion and pleasure, and one can’t exist without the other.

    To know just how much is enough. And the fine line further.

    To take her to places she’s never gone before, but wants to.

    To take pleasure in her pleasure, as well as her pain.

    To be loving and in control, not just domineering.

    To reward her love and trust and power with experiences
    she’ll always remember.

    In my opinion, in a relationship between a true dom and sub,
    one with genuine feelings and attraction, true magic is the result.

  4. xotheladyxo says:

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    I wrote this on my other blog and felt that it was relevant. Needless to say: Submissive Face

  5. phoenixasubbie says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes !

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