Spanking Mishaps

Well, today I learned why you never use your hands to cover your butt during a spanking.

My husband and I went swimming at my parents’ house and my husband got out first to get our daughter dried off.  Once he was all dried and changed, I got out.  I started horsing around with him and trying to give him a hug to get him all wet again.  After a few minutes he started to get frustrated and turned me around to spank me.  It was a sort of playful, and sort of a you-better-start-behaving spanking.  Not to mention we were right in front of my mother!  As he was spanking me, I moved my hands over my bottom to try to block the spanks.  I’m not sure how he did it, but he hit my left hand just right so that he jammed my fingers really hard.  It hurt really badly!  I can say I definitely cried from this spanking!  I’m not sure if it is sprained or not, but I can say typing this post is quite difficult so I’m sorry, but it won’t be a very long one.

My husband felt really bad and apologized for hurting me, but he still said that I deserved the spanking.

I’m sorry for such a short post, but it hurts.  More next time.

2 thoughts on “Spanking Mishaps

  1. You only try to cover ONCE. If you get your hands hit you always remember….

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