Spanking III

Well, I managed to get myself in trouble again. We went to a school concert for my younger siblings and we brought the baby. I wasn’t sure how she was going to do there, but I figured we would give it a shot. She started crying pretty much as soon as we got there so my husband brought her out into the lobby of the school. After a few minutes I went out to check on them and to feed my daughter. I took her into the bathroom and fed her and then we all went back into the concert to try it again. She does well in public and she loves music so I figured she would like it, but she didn’t. I’m not sure what the problem was, but she wasn’t happy. So my husband took her back out into the lobby. My siblings were performing so I stayed and watched. After a while I went back out to check on them. My husband was furious. The baby had been crying the entire time and my husband didn’t have the diaper bag or the car seat because they were both with me in the auditorium. I hadn’t realized that an hour had gone by and he had been sitting in the lobby with a screaming baby while I was oblivious in the auditorium. I should have known better. Every night from 7 until bed time my daughter is cranky and cries. It really wasn’t a good idea to bring her in the first place and I should have gone out to check on them a lot sooner than I had. I figured he had taken her out to the car and gotten her to sleep, but he hadn’t. I felt so horrible that I had left them out there all I could do was cry, and my husband was so mad at me. Needless to say, I got quite a spanking. He had me bend over the couch while he spanked me with the belt. On my bare bottom, of course. I can’t tell you how many strokes I got or how long he spanked me for, but my bottom was on fire. Then, he had me bend over his lap while he continued to spank me with the belt and then his hand. He has never spanked me so hard with his hand. I was very close to tears by the time he was finished. My bottom was very red and hot to touch. I figured we were done when we started making dinner, but I was quite wrong. After dinner he grabbed the paddle and the hairbrush and pulled me back over his lap. He started with the paddle. . .I HATE the paddle. It stings so horribly and my husband knows it, so lately it has been his favorite implement. I stayed as still as I possibly could because I knew I deserved it, but it was so hard, and it hurt so bad. Then, he spanked me with the hairbrush. My husband has one and only style when it comes to punishment spankings: hard and fast 😦 He alternated a few times with the paddle and hairbrush until he had turned my bottom from white to pink to red and then back to white again. When he was finally finished punishing me he stood me up, held me close, and told me he loved me. Later that night he put in my butt plug and had me keep it in for a couple hours. If you have ever had to keep a butt plug in for that long you know it gets quite uncomfortable after a while. I had to keep my pants off and he kept fiddling with it. I enjoy it, but it always embarrasses me when he touches me back there. But it was well deserved and I am quite sore.

4 thoughts on “Spanking III

  1. Mel says:

    Look, I try not to judge, but I have to comment on this post. For the past year, I have been intrigued by the DD lifestyle, although I’m not sure why. I have read through so many DD blogs to try to understand why couples choose this and I have tried to keep an open mind. This is the first time I have been so angered that I had to comment. Again, I try not to judge. While I would not choose this lifestyle for myself, I respect your choice. I do think there is a thin line between this lifestyle and abuse and this particular situation may have crossed that line. In my personal opinion, this was a time that you did nothing wrong to warrant discipline from your husband. If either of you screwed up, it was him and unfortunately, he took it out on you. You were at a program to see your siblings perform (not his siblings!), so of course your husband should be the one to go out with the baby when she was cranky. He should try to do everything in his power to let you support your siblings. You did your motherly duty by feeding your baby and then you both went back inside the auditorium. When your baby got fussy again, your husband was right to be the one to go out with her since YOUR siblings were performing and you were there to see them. Okay, this is where HE messed up. Not you. He should have taken the diaper bag with him when he went out. The fact that HE forgot it is not your fault. He messed up by not bringing it and once outside, realized that he didn’t have it. Whether or not having the diaper bag would have helped to calm her, we will never know. Sometimes babies cry because they can and it is the only way to communicate at this age. I think the biggest thing is that he got overwhelmed and upset trying to calm a fussy baby that would not be calmed for an hour all by himself. This can be upsetting for any parent but nobody is to blame. Babies cry. It’s part of life. THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT. You did nothing wrong. Your husband could have walked back in to the auditorium for a minute to grab the bag. Do you have cell phones? He could have texted you. There are many things that he could have done to help the situation, but he did not do them. Instead, he grew frustrated and took that frustration out on you. That is not punishment for a wrongdoing. That is real close to crossing that line I mentioned earlier. I know you will disagree with me, but at least I gave you a different way to look at this situation.

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  3. Ow. I totally get the bringing the baby/kid thing to activities… it is so hard to gauge whether they are gonna ‘make it’ or not. But yes, you should have gone to check much earlier. And you should thank your husband for taken you in hand. (or paddle or belt!) you are very lucky.

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