I have never really cried from a spanking. Not to say that I haven’t been spanked hard or made an effort to cry, but it hasn’t happened yet. Could it be that I don’t feel bad enough for what I had done to deserve a spanking? Or that I am still not being spanked quite hard enough? In my opinion, my husband spanks me quite hard. He also lectures me the majority of the time he is spanking me, which always makes me feel ashamed. On occasion, he will spank me hard enough that my bottom is quite black and blue, though that doesn’t happen often. The spankings I am given usually cause me to whine, squirm, beg, and apologize, but never actually produce tears. The other day I was spanked because I had back tracked on one of my goals. My husband and I have been very busy that last week or two and we have really slacked on the yoga. He wasn’t going to punish me for it because of how hectic it had been, but when I told him I had also gained back a few pounds he thought that I deserved it. He didn’t spank me too severely because my goal was to lose 5 pounds each month and the month still isn’t over with yet, but I had back tracked. He had me on all fours on our bed with my pants and panties down while he spanked me with his hand. As I have said before, sometimes his hand can be the worst implement of all and this time he spanked me quite hard. He didn’t use any other implements, but he didn’t have to. I tried my hardest to stay still, I knew I deserved the spanking I was receiving and I tried to take it well. It wasn’t easy. By the end of it, however, I had started to tear up. I can’t say I was crying, but I had a few stray tears. I can say that I felt worse about back tracking on one of my own goals, especially this particular one, than I sometimes feel when I break a rule and get punished. I would really appreciate feedback on this one. Is crying during a spanking more of an emotional response from the guilt and shame you feel? Is it a response to the pain from the spanking itself? A combination, perhaps? Or is it something completely different? Since my punishment for back tracking on my own weightloss goal I have lost 2 pounds and I am well on my way to meeting my goal this month.

5 thoughts on “Crying

  1. Christiandruid says:

    I don’t cry for real. My butt goes numb. I get spankings for cutting. My husband spanks pretty hard. I guess cause i have such a high tolerance to pain is why the spankings don’t phase me all that much.

  2. writingthebody says:

    It must be a combination as everyone is saying….because well I do not cry either.

  3. I have similar issues. Even though I’m as guy I want to experience the whole crying from a spanking. I’ve never cried from the pain, even though Mistress can spank pretty hard. I’ve cried maybe twice immediately after a s punishment, from the emotional release of guilt. That can be very cathartic. But I’ve never cried from the pain of a spanking.

  4. rzinn825 says:

    I really do think that crying is a result in a combination of both. But not crying is also not a bad thing. I do know when I cry, of we a kings my will and bounds me stronger to my Master. BTW great job on the weight lost!!!! I would love to lose 5lbs a month lol.

  5. Lily says:

    For me personally its more a combination of things that get the tears. Oddly enough its the lecture and guilt that I disappointed him that will push me over the edge to crying whereas a hard spanking on its own will not get me to tears. Yay for getting back on track and congrats on the 2 lbs đŸ™‚

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