Spanking II

When my husband spanks me when he is really mad, I find that the spanking is always more effective. I broke the rule about respecting each other at all times. My husband has been very busy this week with work and he has been taking classes this week. For him, Wednesdays are more like his Friday, he works half a day and gets out at 11 pm and is off until Sunday evening. Well last night I waited up for him to get home. I had barely seen or spoken with him this week and I missed him. Well when he got home he claimed he wasn’t feeling that great and wanted to sleep on the couch. The next morning after I had woken up I realized my husband had already left for class and hadn’t said goodbye to me or anything. Needless to say, I was pretty upset. I really missed my husband and felt quite neglected, so when he got home I was less than pleasant. I’ve never been good at coming out and stating my feelings, I always sort of beat around the bush. So instead if saying that he had hurt my feelings I ignored him and gave him attitude. Well, he wasn’t having it. I was laying on the bed and he has never ripped down my pants so fast. He.didn’t use any implement other than his hand but he didn’t have to. His hand can be the worst implement of them all when he wants it to be. He spanked my bottom so hard I couldn’t help but squeal in pain. It wasn’t a long spanking but he really got the point across. Each swat came down hard on my bottom and it burned! He told me he wasn’t going to tolerate my behavior and reminded me that he had been incredibly busy this week and didn’t need my attitude on top of everything else. I learned my lesson in the 15 or so swats he delivered as I was begging him to stop and nearly crying by the end of it. Somehow I have a feeling that won’t be my last spanking of the weekend…

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