The Rules: Part II

My husband and I have been talking about changing the rules pretty much since he and I came up with the original rules. Well, it’s taken us a few months, but we have finally come up with our updated set of rules. They are as follows:

1) Honesty, Always
2) Safe driving at all times, especially with the baby
3) Always Treat Each Other With Respect
4) Don’t Go To Bed Angry
5) No Temper Tantrums
6) Keep Up With House Work
7) No Name Calling
8) No Excessive Spending
9) No Swearing Around Little Ears
10) No arguing after a decision has been made

We have ordered the rules by how important we think they are. We plan to make a corresponding list of punishments to go with it, so my husband will always know exactly how he is supposed to punish me based on the rule I break and how many times I have broken it. I wanted to color code it, but I couldn’t seem to figure out how to do that on here. . . Well anyways, new list of punishments coming soon 🙂

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