My First Time: Suppository

It’s kind of embarrassing for me to write about this, but I figured it was relevant because I had posted about my first enema and I also like the idea of suppositories as punishment. I haven’t told my husband that I think they would make a good punishment, I figured we would work our way up to that. After I had my daughter via C-section I had to take iron pills (due to blood loss) and pain killers. Needless to say, I was quite, ahem, backed up. I had been taking stool softeners to move things along, but after a week I started to get desperate and my doctor suggested suppositories. I’m not sure why, but the idea of my husband giving me a suppository for what its actual purpose is was embarrassing to me, but it excited me at the same time. Of course, my husband didn’t even know what they were or how they were given so I had to explain it all, but he was on board. So we went to the store and picked up a small jar of glycerine suppositories. That night he kept reminding me that I had to have one, I think he was much more excited about it than I was. I still had a lot of healing to do so he couldn’t put me over his lap. Instead he had me get on all fours on our bed. He then pulled down my shorts and panties, put a little vaseline on my bottom, and inserted the suppository. He fingered my bottom for a bit, saying he couldn’t wait until we could have sex again because it had been so long. I won’t go into detail, but the suppository did work 🙂 My husband has given me suppositories a few times since then and he says that it really turns him on to give them to me. So perhaps I will suggest using them as a punishment in the near future, I don’t think he will object.

One thought on “My First Time: Suppository

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