Waiting. . .

I am not sure what’s worse. . .getting spanked or anticipating the impending punishment. My husband has been telling me its coming for a couple of weeks now. I am mostly healed and I figured he would have spanked me by now, for maintenance if nothing else, but he hasn’t. He says I have been bad lately, I have had quite an attitude and have broken a couple of rules. He continues to tell me that I deserve to be spanked and that it is coming, but he hasn’t said when. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be part of my punishment, but if it is. . .its working. I hate waiting for it, especially when I don’t know when it is coming. I wonder if he is waiting to be sure that I am completely healed so he can spank me more severely for my transgressions. He has been wanting to spank me otk for quite some time now, he wasn’t able to while I was pregnant, so maybe he is waiting to make sure he can do it properly. We will see. . .

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