The Rules: Part 1

My husband and I have started with a basic set of rules and plan to expand on them over time. If anyone has any suggestions of how to improve these or things to add, we are always open minded to new ideas.

1. I am not allowed to disrespect him. That includes name calling, yelling, attitude, etc.
2. I am supposed to complete my weekly and daily chores.
3. I am not allowed to swear. (This one really hasn’t been enforced yet, but it was my idea because of the baby coming.)
4. I am supposed to be open with him and communicate everything.
5. I am not allowed to lie, cheat, or mislead him.
6. I am to be spanked at least once a week. If I haven’t misbehaved, I get a maintenance spanking.

All of these rules also apply to him, though I don’t spank or punish him when he misbehaves. We feel that these are general rules for any marriage and the only one I tend to have a problem with is the first one. I sometimes get a bit of an attitude and say things I shouldn’t. I will add and amend the rules as needed, but for now that’s basically what we go by. In the event that I break one or more of these rules I am punished by my husband. You can read about how he punishes me in another post 🙂

The Story of Us

Finally, the juicy stuff! My husband and I met in high school, he graduated 2 years ahead of me though we grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone. When I was a sophomore or junior, he began dating one of my friends. She and I weren’t exceptionally close, but we were friends. I formally met him one afternoon at lunch when they came and sat with us. He told me later that I made a lasting impression on him that day and he had been attracted to me since. I also had a bit of a crush on him at the time, though I wouldn’t have made any advances since he was dating my friend.
They broke up sometime in the beginning of my senior year and he almost immediately started persuing me. I was a typical teenage girl and because he was no longer taken and no longer a challenge, I was no longer interested. For 2 and a half to 3 years he chased me, among a few other women, and I continued to refuse him and date other men that never seemed to work out.
I knew what a great guy he was, and I knew he would treat me like gold and make me so happy, but I was looking for something different. Perhaps older. Perhaps more dominant. Perhaps not right in my back yard. Finally, after much persuing I decided to give him another chance. He had taken me out, kissed me, we had even slept in the same bed after a party once, but nothing ever came of it. It never went anywhere because I never wanted it to. I’m not sure what was different this time. Perhaps we had grown up a little, perhaps we had both changed. I’m not sure, but this time. . .I fell in love.
We moved in together maybe 2-3 months later and that’s when it all began. When I first suggested him spanking me for punishment he was appauled. He couldn’t wrap his mind around someone wanting to be hit, and I think it troubled him a bit. It took me a few months just to get him to try. I think he could see that it was something that was important to me, and because I was so important to him he was willing to give it a shot. At first, I always had to ask him to spank me, so it clearly wasn’t for punishment. I would ask, he would reluctantly agree, sometimes, and then he would give me a few spanks until my bottom got a little red or I would start to whimper and he would stop. It wasn’t what I wanted, but we were making progress so I couldn’t complain. I would continuously explain to him that I wanted him to do it on his own, when I had done something he didn’t like, but that almost never happened. He started trying some different implements such as a wooden spoon, and his belt and he admitted that spanking me was starting to turn him on. It was another step! Usually he would want to have sex or do something related after he spanked me, which is something I don’t particularly like because I like to keep punishment and sex separate, but if it was going to encourage him further, I went along with it.
When we first started experimenting, another thing I couldn’t get him into was anal play. He was pretty freaked out about it for the obvious reasons. So we compromised and he agreed to use toys on my ass, and he would only finger me if he was able to wear a glove. So I bought him rubber gloves. He wasn’t especially into it at first, but just like with spanking, he slowly started coming around to it and enjoying it. I eventually got him into taking my temperature rectally. He told me that really turned him on, though he didn’t know why. I even got him to agree to give me an enema, though because I am pregnant we haven’t gotten around to trying that yet.
Finally I took the horse by the reins and decided to show him specifically what I wanted. I sat him down and explained to him that I wanted to practice Domestic Discipline in our marriage. I showed him a website, and explained the pros and cons. I also showed him some videos. He had been warmed up so he was on board. We wrote out a basic list of rules and punishments together and have added to them over time. I probably should have done this much earlier, but even though we were married I was still apprehensive about sharing all of this with him. After some online research he seemed to have a better grip on the whole thing and he also seemed more open minded and excited about it. Once I explained to him, in detail, what he could punish me for and how he could go about doing it, our relationship has progressed well. Now he spanks me at least once a week either for maintenance or if I’ve done something bad. I don’t have to ask, but sometimes when I really want it I make subtle hints 😉 He has also come a long way with anal play. For a long while we were having anal sex regularly, he also uses a butt plug on me for punishment as well as pleasure, and he doesn’t usually wear a glove any more. We have come a long way, but I have told him I want him to master spanking and the basics before we move on to other forms of punishment, like enemas, figging, etc.
I always appreciate advice, input, and suggestions so please don’t hesitate!

About My Husband

Now, my husband is a different story. He is 23, and prior to us dating he has always been rather vanilla. His mind never really ventured to new things he could try sexually or in a relationship. As you can imagine, this is a pretty big obstacle in our relationship. I am exceptionally submissive, and though he isn’t, he isn’t exactly naturally dominant either.
He had been in very few relationships prior to me, and never got very much experience in anything outside the norm. He had been raised like any other guy that hitting women was wrong, and you should never physically harm a woman. So the suggestion of him spanking me for punishment was quite alarming to him, and it took about a year for him to finally become comfortable with it. I took my time introducing the subject to him and we have very slowly eased into the lifestyle. He still isn’t fully aware of what I’m into and hoping will come of our Domestic Discipline Lifestyle in the future.
My husband is a very kind, hardworking, and loving man. He does an excellent job of taking care of me and I know he will be a great father as well. He has really opened his mind since we have been together to trying new things and becoming more dominant. We still have a long way to go and I always appreciate advice and input on how I can help him become more comfortable with this and suggest new things to him.

About Me :)

I am a 21 year old female, living in NY, who has always had a fascination with spanking, punishment, and domestic discipline. I can’t tell you what triggered it, I am always asked if I was spanked as a child and such, but if I was I really don’t remember it.
I started experimenting with spanking and other forms of punishment with a boyfriend I had when I was 17. I tend to prefer older, much more dominant men, though he wasn’t quite that. Though we stayed together for quite some time and experimented with a lot of things the relationship didn’t last. After that I started looking specifically for men that were into the same things as me, only they were looking to dominate me and not vise versa. I met a few from various sites, and continued to try new things and discover what I like, what I don’t like, and why. I like being spanked, though I don’t like to be spanked for no reason. The psychological part of being punished for something I did wrong has to be there. I like knowing that the person I am with is in control and will take control when necessary. I also like other forms of punishment such as enemas, corner time, butt plugs, suppositories, figging, etc. As you can probably tell, I am very anal 😉 Perhaps because that part of the body just seems so taboo. . .I’m not sure.
It wasn’t hard to find men that would spank me, however it was rather difficult finding those that knew the difference between punishment and abuse, and wouldn’t take things too far. It was also difficult to find men that were open minded to enemas and other such things.
Now I am 21, married, exceptionally pregnant (due to pop any time now), and involved in a well progressing Domestic Discipline Lifestyle. How did all of that change? Well I’ll let you read about my husband and how we came to be together to fill in the gaps, enjoy 🙂