About My Husband

Now, my husband is a different story. He is 23, and prior to us dating he has always been rather vanilla. His mind never really ventured to new things he could try sexually or in a relationship. As you can imagine, this is a pretty big obstacle in our relationship. I am exceptionally submissive, and though he isn’t, he isn’t exactly naturally dominant either.
He had been in very few relationships prior to me, and never got very much experience in anything outside the norm. He had been raised like any other guy that hitting women was wrong, and you should never physically harm a woman. So the suggestion of him spanking me for punishment was quite alarming to him, and it took about a year for him to finally become comfortable with it. I took my time introducing the subject to him and we have very slowly eased into the lifestyle. He still isn’t fully aware of what I’m into and hoping will come of our Domestic Discipline Lifestyle in the future.
My husband is a very kind, hardworking, and loving man. He does an excellent job of taking care of me and I know he will be a great father as well. He has really opened his mind since we have been together to trying new things and becoming more dominant. We still have a long way to go and I always appreciate advice and input on how I can help him become more comfortable with this and suggest new things to him.

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