My First Time: Paddle Spanking From My Husband

So today has not been a very good day for my bottom. I got the spanking my husband has been warning me about, and it was quite the spanking. It seems that whenever my husband warns me that I am going to get “the spanking of my life” he introduces a new implement. . .this time it was the paddle. I have been paddled only once before, and not by my husband. Boy, does that sting! I can’t call this a maintenance spanking because, in my opinion, a maintenance spanking occurs when you have been well behaved and just need a reminder to keep up the good behavior. This was more of a spanking for all of the little things I’ve done lately that haven’t warranted a spanking, but combined warranted a good, long spanking. . .and that’s just what I got!
My husband gathered the paddle and the hairbrush and lead me into the living room. He had me bend over the couch with my knees on the seat and my elbows on the back. Then he pulled down my shorts and panties. There was no warm up or anything, he started right in with the paddle. It was a long and thin wooden paddle that reached across my entire bottom. It stung so badly. Each time I tried to cover my bottom he would hit my hand with the paddle, and that hurt quite badly too! I can’t tell you how many times he spanked me with that implement or how long he spanked me for. All I can say is that it hurt and I was begging him to stop by the time he set it down. Then he picked up the hairbrush. Without a pause he began spanking me with that, alternating cheeks. He covered my bottom with spanks with the hairbrush. I was squirming all over the place and swearing that I would never misbehave again. When he set that down, I thought he was finished and I took a sigh of relief, but boy, was I wrong. Then he began spanking me with his hand. My husband has a very big, heavy hand and he knows how to use it. After a few minutes of that he ordered me into the corner. He sat on the couch admiring my red bottom while I stood there. He told me this was only a break, and that I wasn’t done. He was watching the clock, I think I was in the corner for about 10 minutes, though he didn’t say. This time he had me get over his lap. He held me across the waist with his left hand while he spanked me with his right. He started with the paddle again which stung and made me squeal with each strike. It is almost as bad as the wooden spoon which is my sworn enemy. Then he spanked me again with the hairbrush. The entire ordeal took about a half hour. I was quite the sore, sorry, little girl. He hugged and kissed me after it was all over and I felt better, but I have to say, it hurts to be sitting here writing right now! I can’t say that I didn’t deserve that punishment. I haven’t exactly been the most obedient wife lately, and I have been quite argumentative. I think I will have a sore bottom for a while to remind me to behave.

6 thoughts on “My First Time: Paddle Spanking From My Husband

  1. Solange says:

    I got quite a paddling last weekend and I’m still a bit sore on my bottom. My husband made a paddle that is almost custom made to the size of my bum. On the handle is my name and it hangs in the kitchen on a hook. Of course when people are over and ask about it I have to explain its use which is quite embarassing by itself. I was pretty mouthy last week so come the weekend, he made me fetch the paddle and bring it into the bedroom where he peeled off my pants and panties and put me over his knee. I begged him not to but that just made him more angry. He told me my behavior was unacceptable and I would learn to behave properly. The first few swats weren’t too bad but he increased the speed and I couldn’t get a breath in between swats. I think it stopped after about 15 minutes, my bum was fire on fire and I was just sobbing and telling him I wouldn’t do it again. He marched me over to the corner, hands on my head and gave me 5 more swats as a reminder. I stood there for I don’t know how long when he came back and put me to bed. I couldn’t even lay on my back because of the pain. The next morning when I woke up, I was told that I was going to get 5 more swats to remind me to behave. I had to ask for those swats which just killed me but I am learning to respect the paddle.

  2. Jim says:

    I don’t get spanked by my wife very often, but when I do, it’s a bad one. Maybe 3-4 times a year, but this year isn’t off to a great start. Here it’s only 3/11 and I’m already nursing a sore bottom for the 3rd time this year. And like yours, it was with a paddle and no warm up for about 15 minutes. No hand or hairbrush though, so I guess I lucked out.

  3. Jess says:

    Just got the spanking of my life this afternoon and boy am I soar I know what you mean about the paddle and the no warm up wouldn’t be in trouble again for a long time

  4. creamyred says:

    very very enviable. Though not at the moment. I’m having my own rosy issues and I DID deserve it

  5. What a beautiful spanking….I envy you!

  6. Boy, that was quite a punishment. I know all too well how painful the paddle is when applied without warmup. I also know exactly what you mean about the wooden spoon being your sworn enemy. I hate it too!

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